MVI Specializes in Enterprise Level E-commerce Solutions and Support

We use the knowledge gained from our development, marketing, and support groups to enable customers to launch and scale Enterprise e-commerce at a reasonable price, meeting both the functionality and features set while exceeding their specifications.

MVI’s knowledge in the industry is unequaled; we believe we are unique. MVI combines e-commerce software platform, enterprise structural design, marketing management and 24/7 superior customer service. We are proud to say ..we build, support, and market many financially successful e-commerce solutions.

MVI is a privately held e-commerce company since the late 90’s that focuses on client’s long-term objectives, an indulgence other competitors cannot afford.  With our profitable base of operation, we do not fear the scrutiny and investor pressure that can change our vision just to satisfy short term goals. We originated out of the need for small businesses to sell online, successfully building many small businesses into large internet e-commerce players and, in many cases, taken over where other developers have failed. Our customers have come to expect MVI to build, support and market a robust, reliable and scalable e-commerce solution.

MVI has always had a vibrant community of third-party developers and designers, but in 2010 our numerous successful e-commerce sites requested more involvement from MVI staff. These clients’ needs- guided MVI to provide a higher level of services, support and recommendations. Today MVI has evolved into a complete team of e-commerce pros handling everything from ongoing e-commerce website maintenance to complete turnkey solutions, analytics tracking, forecasting, marketing support and planning.

We all know there’s a difference between good support and bad support. Our enterprise clients receive personal guidance and support from a team of managers with real e-commerce experience. Every manager has the ability to bring in specialists at a moment’s notice. We have teams of real people in our offices ready to help, while our Enterprise clients have a single point of contact to help manage and centralize communication. This technical support staff ensures that we can quickly bring the necessary talent into a meeting to resolve any client issues as fast as humanly possible.

Not all of our Enterprise customers have the same objective. To some, they need server support, programming explanations, answers to technical issues, assistance with connectivity with 3rd party applications, but the team is here if you need them. Some enterprise clients may know exactly what they need, you might need a quote in the early period of a project development. Whatever the scenario, the MVI team is at home managing the entire process from beginning to end, or playing the role of sub-contractor for a subset of a larger project. Our managers will work with you to define the scope of the project, create a budget and proposal, and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

MVI has specialized for years in developing the small e-commerce cart into a large enterprise version by guiding and making the smaller merchant successful. A shopper’s purchase on small e-commerce needs to be similar to the experience on an Enterprise e-commerce website. It’s true that the more customers using the store, the more horsepower is needed on the back end to handle everyone simultaneously. But at the end of the day, small e-commerce and Enterprise version — browse products, add products to a cart and checkout. The bigger the company or project, the more likely these roles will envelop a larger number of departments. Because of this, building Enterprise e-commerce solutions requires a different approach. If your platform can’t easily grow with you so that you can effectively manage multiple people doing specialized roles, then you’re going to suffer some serious growing pains.

Ideally, enterprise e-commerce requires a platform that seamlessly switches between one or two people wearing multiple hats, all the way to multiple people sharing one role. “Enterprise” means more moving parts, more automation and more orders. If you’re a successful company looking for a solution to solve the problems your growth has created, then nothing we say below will be a surprise to you. To others, this is an education in the pitfalls of choosing the wrong solution.

For merchants dealing with significant order volume, an e-commerce solution must be able to take care of repetitive tasks without human intervention. By communicating with a 3rd party in-house system, such as accounting, email marketing, shipping, FedEx or UPS,  it must provide flexibility to integrate with other third-party tools.

The shopping experience isn’t the only thing that’s vital to your success; back-end hosting architecture is equally as important. If your site is not able to perform under heavy traffic or your hosting architecture isn’t secure or scalable, then your site won’t be able to succeed, regardless of how nice it looks. MVI works with in-house hosts, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud and 3rd party hosting companies. But the reality is that we are the best company to support any hosting platform. MVI makes sure that your IT solutions have full root access and run on state-of-the-art servers with industry-best drives and backup and security strategies – all designed with your needs in mind.

MVI recommends that you trust your e-commerce business to our server team. Many competitors and hosting solutions boast great uptime. We offer superior performance that is tailored to your needs. In comparison, MVI performs better with fewer problems and responds before problems occur or are noticeable.