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MVI Solutions is a software development company that provides the web and mobile application development services to big and small companies.

MVI employs superior staff and offer a great depth of experience in software development & engineering, project management, business software analysis and software consulting and hosting services. The company offices are located in Fort Lauderdale Florida since 1999.

We are part of the Media Vue group of companies established since 1999. people. Media Vue has established the relationship with many technology groups worldwide and is a certified IT outsourcing software development company.

MVI believes that custom software development is not just a task for the “techie programmers”, to our company it is a business critical software development process that should be delivered as a fully managed service to the highest standards of quality, and in a punctual and cost-effective manner.

We specialize in software and web application development services such as IPTV software development, content distribution & management systems development, e-commerce software programming, web portals and websites development, mobile application development plus many others. Java, Net, PHP software developers in our company are also experienced in developing major enterprise applications such as CRM & ERP software, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence software plus many other solutions.

The sectors our company which has extensive software development expertise in include Advertising, E-commerce, Property, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, Education plus much more. MVI technical software development expertise in providing web development services including Mobile application development, Java development (J2EE, J2SE), PHP, NET, C/C++, C# software programming, Windows Media Services, Flash programming, Flex, Ajax, and more.

MVI has engineered many successful web development projects with companies from the USA, please read more about MVI projects by clicking the links on the left.

MVI software development can deliver:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster development time

Custom web software development is software that is written specifically for your business application designed and developed to meet a specific need and built to your specific requirements. In other words, it’s specific to your company. When an off-the-shelf, generic software package just won’t do, then you need to turn towards MVI’s fully customizable software development services. Our clients frequently use our custom software development applications to solve a problem unique to their organization. Before turning to custom software development you need to ask yourself, will I maximize my investment and solve my current problem by going with a custom made software application for my business? The answer to both is yes when you have MVI’s development team working on your software application.

Do you have a small business? Then consider the following:

  • Custom software, to make your small business more efficient
  • Custom software, priced specifically for small businesses
  • Software solutions, customized for your small business needs

We’re a small business working for small businesses. We can’t afford expensive solutions for our company, and neither can you. We understand how small businesses operate. Our company has developed automated solutions for common small business tasks such as:

  • consolidating information
  • scheduling personnel resources
  • data entry and re-entry
  • copying and sending documents and invoices

Since we already have the experience of creating software solutions for small businesses, we can take this work and our knowledge and produce results for you quickly. So why purchase custom software?

Business strategy: you may require a specific solution to cope with your client, supplier and distributor relationships
Internal organization: you may wish to streamline your various internal processes into one main software/database application

Software lifecycle: you may wish to develop software solutions that have a longer lifecycle and more flexibility than off-the-shelf packages

System integration: you may require compatibility between existing and new applications with a web interface
However, we would be remiss if we didn’t give you the other side of the story when it comes to custom software development.

Most software development specialists advise against custom software because:

  • Off-the-shelf applications are adequately customizable (depending on the customization needs)
  • Developing a custom application costs 30-40% more than an off-the-shelf alternative
  • Customized Software lack the necessary in-house custom software support expertise (not a problem at MVI)
  • Off-the-shelf packages have a familiar user interface, lessening staff training requirements (assuming you’ve used the product before)
  • Custom software must be adapted, and can dramatically change a business model

While the points above are valid, MVI will be here to support your custom built web application. With that in mind, you should choose to develop custom software if you:

  • Can afford a long-term investment (MVI values ourselves on being your technology partner and developing long-term relationships)
  • Can’t find an off-the-shelf alternative (often the biggest cause for custom development needs)
  • Can spare adequate development lead-time
  • Need application specific software
  • Can rationalize costs
  • Can increase your company’s operational efficiency

To create our software solutions, we will use the software that you currently own, if it makes sense to do so, or recommend low-cost software packages that we have successfully used with other customers. We use a regular old hammer to hit the nail.
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