Increase mobile conversions

with Google AMP for e-commerce

Why should you care for AMP

Google AMP is a natural fit for online retailers because faster-loading pages increase mobile conversions. And the results are remarkable. MVI customers see revenue increases, higher conversion rates and better performance across all user engagement metrics.

A faster, more stunning mobile web

INSTANT - AMP pages load in less than a second, making for a more enjoyable experience
ENGAGEMENT - Faster mobile experiences increase clicks, drive traffic and create more revenue
ACCESSIBLE - AMP is no longer just for publishers, as any company that relies on SEO can benefit from instant-loading mobile pages
PERFORMANCE - AMPs are engineered to load in less than a second and use 10x less data, while delivering smooth, touch-friendly navigation
STYLISH - Transfer the entire brand — fonts, layout and style — to an elegant AMP page
FUNCTIONAL - Convert complex e-commerce websites into beautiful AMPs — bringing to life rich, blazing-fast mobile experiences

Better Speed & Page Ranking

AMP unmatched mobile speed, driving engagement on the mobile web
Increase page rank, clicks and traffic, while reducing bounce rates
Better performance of your page, resulting in higher click-through rates

Loaded with rich features

Full integration with enterprise inventory system
Adds no additional steps to buyer journey
Buyers can choose — in real time — from available sizes, colors and options
Works with main site's cart and checkout
Uses existing security and payment options
Uses 90% less data

Don't blink

As the adage goes: Seeing is believing. Check out this comparison video that pits a Google AMP page against its mobile counterpart.

When it comes to speed, nothing comes close to AMP.

Simulated over a 3G connection

Accelerated Mobile Pages done right

Don’t settle for a generic, pre-fabricated AMP page. If you undermine the experience – compromising both design and performance – AMP pages backfire, turning away users. Our turnkey platform eliminates the guesswork and delivers a back-end and front-end solution that makes integration simple and the results ideal.


Guaranteed validation, even as AMP specifications are updated


AMPs automatically remain in sync with the canonical page


Convert any website/CMS — no matter how complex or how it's built — into stunning Google AMPs


Integrate your ad networks to ensure page monetization


Instantly transcode large volumes of pages, we don't care if it's just one page or 50,000


When a new product is launched or changes are made to the desktop, our platform instantly creates and serves a new AMP to Google


Removal of JavaScript and non-AMP compliant HTML and CSS, along with minimalization and compression of AMP assets


Using redundant CDNs, our system manages the cache and purging


AMPs are pre-rendered and pre-cached for the fastest possible load time

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