Software Integration Services

Infinite Acuity offers a wide range of software integration services. Whether you need to integrate QuickBooks with proprietary software or you need HL7 integration for your LIS software, Infinite Acuity can provide you the guidance and development needed to successfully complete your integration project on time and on a budget. Below is a list of software integration services offered by Infinite Acuity that will ensure your integration project is completed successfully and to your expectations:

Software Integration Analysis

Infinite Acuity, leveraging its years of experience, offers companies the expertise and guidance needed when making decisions relating to software integration. With each client, our first goal is to know our client’s businesses as best as possible. We are truly at our most effective if we have a solid foundation of their business and their marketplace. Understanding the true nature as to how the technology solution affects our clients business, helps us to ascertain the best method to achieving the best results for software integration.
integration analysis services
Learn more about our Software Integration Analysis services.

Software Integration Management

Whether you decided to have Infinite Acuity provide our developers or not, at Infinite Acuity we can provide management and oversight for all software integration projects. Integration Management includes providing research, defining the project scope, setting timelines and milestones and development oversight. At Infinite Acuity, we believe that the management of the software integration project does not end once development is complete. We offer ongoing services which allow us to provide performance appraisals, define enhancements and attend to any issues that may arise. At Infinite Acuity, we pride ourselves on taking our customers’ software integration projects from start to finish and beyond.
integration management services
Learn more about our Software Integration Management services.

Software Integration Development

At Infinite Acuity, we are fortunate to have the resources to tackle almost any size integration project. Once our understanding of your systems is complete, we can take the job to our developers and actually write whatever code is needed to get the job complete. Our experience within a variety of industries and with a variety of technologies positions up to be able to provide high-quality software integration services for almost anyone. Or development practices are carefully managed by our staff of highly skilled project managers who oversee every facet of the development process. You can relax knowing that your integration software project is being controlled by experienced project managers and developers who fully understand the job at hand.
integration development services
Learn more about our Software Integration Development services.

South Florida Software Integration Consultants

Infinite Acuity is the application integration services division of MVI Solutions, a US-based company located in the heart of South Florida in Ft. Lauderdale that has been doing business since 1999. Infinite Acuity specializes in software integration services for a number of industries ranging from medical to retail. You can meet with our skilled integration consultants in person if you are in the tri-county area. Meeting with us in person either at our offices or at your location, allows us to easily assess and estimate the effort needed for your integration. However, the locale is not obstacle since we’ve worked with customers all around the country from California to New York.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Contact one of our integration consultants today at 954-491-9969.

Satisfied Customers

“The staff at Infinite Acuity has provided the custom software and integration that makes up the core of our business for three years. Infinite Acuity’s design, coding, testing and deployment methodology allows us to support over 100,000 users while constantly upgrading our software. In a highly competitive niche market with over 30 direct competitors, Infinite Acuity gives us the software edge we need to be highly profitable.”

– Carl Nordheim

Nord Enterprises

“Simpedia Networks has relied on the knowledge of Infinite Acuity to grow from being on a single shared server in 2000 to well over 20 dedicated servers including a load balancing system. Their customer service has been there when we needed them, no matter what time of day or even weekends.”

– Jason Weingarten

Simpedia Networks

“I wanted to take a minute to express my thanks to you and your staff for your hard work on redeveloping our websites. Your customer service is top-notch. I can’t say enough about the help you have been to me and the guidance you have provided, as we worked through the many process changes. Whenever I have a question or want to make a change, your response is immediate. This truly shows that we are a ‘team’.

I look forward to continuing our relationship as we move forward with future projects.”

– Rebecca Turkovics

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