HL7 Integration

Medical Programming & HL7 Integration

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The Problem

Most businesses in the medical field run into the same issue, they have two or more separate software applications and they need them to work together. This used to be a labor-intensive, manual process that required employees to physically pull the needed data from each application, try to consolidate it, and then hopefully be able to upload it to a different application.

The Answer

This has become a thing of the past thanks to the emergence of HL7. Almost every software application related to the medical field, from EMR’s to LIS’s, require the transmission of information in a secure, consistent format. HL7 provides the rules for how that format should work. HL7 is essentially a structured format for sending and receiving data from a software application (think XML if you are technically inclined).

Infinite Acuity’s Solution

The first step is to learn how your organization utilizes the different software applications within your organization and how they need to interface. Once this is known, Infinite Acuity will be able to provide you with a project plan for the best method of interfacing your different applications. Infinite Acuity will draw on its years of experience with medical programming and the emergence of HL7 to create a custom interfacing solution that meets all of your needs.

Medical Programming & HL7 Case Study

HL7, medical programming Immuno Laboratories contracted Infinite Acuity to oversee and implement the integration of their new Orchard Harvest LIS system with their existing Pivotal CRM. Immuno needed a two-way solution that would send lab test orders from the Pivotal CRM system into the take test results from the Orchard Harvest LIS system. Then once the test results are available, they would be sent from the Orchard Harvest LIS system into the Pivotal CRM for viewing by Immuno employees. Infinite Acuity created a custom middleware application utilizing the HL7 data protocol and a direct SQL connection to exchange data between the two systems.

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