CS Onrite


Established in 1975, OnRite has become one of the largest distributors of men’s hair replacement products and services in the world.

Infinite Acuity has re-created OnRite’s website on a new platform in an effort to improve its stability and performance all while maintaining/improving its previously existing integration with their in-house business management software (a proprietary DataFlex application).

The method by which information is transferred from OnRite’s internal systems to their website includes several steps.  A dedicated server with a special ODBC driver and IIS with ASP enabled resides on OnRite’s internal network.  Special ASP handler scripts are also housed on this server.  When the live website needs to pull information from their internal systems, it makes an HTTPS call to one of these ASP handler scripts.  The ASP script then, in turn, uses the special ODBC driver to connect to the DataFlex database, retrieves the requested information and passes it back to the live website securely via the HTTPS protocol.

A similar method is used to pass information back from the website to their internal systems. The main difference is that the data is passed back as a special file which the DataFlex application then reads to import the data.  We do not ever write directly into the DataFlex database as this may cause some consistency issues.

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