Online Medical Wikipedia

The idea for an online medical wiki was the result of technology consulting services provided by MVI to a doctor that saw a need in the healthcare and medical community.

The gestation of the site occurred after the idea was set in place and MVI went to work handling the technology aspects for the client. We identified suitable sources for our initial population of articles, and worked with the client on a design.  A site was created that allowed members to join and post new articles or edits that were sent to an admin holding area for review. Admin can review and edit these articles and then post them live to the site through an admin backend section on the site.

Healthocrates caught the attention of which was founded by one of the original owners of Righthealth requested permission to use some of our content and we created a backdoor where they could come by and pick up current site data every week.

The site has grown to include member profile pages and a forum section was implemented for members to engage each other in conversation on medical topics in an informal tone.