Social Web Site

Allows users to share their hobbies and learn about other members with similar hobbies. Members can connect with each other by chatting, sending messages and commenting on posts along with joining member groups and sharing information. Members can also create events for other members to view and join.

Member features include the following:

Video management that allows members to upload videos and automatically convert into FLV file format (same format as videos on for display on the front-end.

Photo Album management that allows members to easily upload multiple photos from their computer via an easy-to-use interface similar to the Windows explorer interface.

Document management that allows members to create documents via a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor.

Event management that allows members to post events, search for events, and RSVP to events they’ve been invited to.

Members are also able to manage their own community page via a Page Design; interface that allows them to determine what information should display on their community page including favorite videos, photo albums, music and more.

Members are able to tag friends within their uploaded images similar to Facebook.
Administrator features include the following:
Member management that allows the administrators to easily manage members and their videos, photo albums, and documents.

Category manager that allows the administrator to easily manage the categories and sub-categories available on the front-end.

Banner ad manager that allows the administrator to create banner ads on the front-end and target them to specific categories and member types.