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Open Source Software Increased Business Utilization

April 19, 2013
MVI solutions

Open Source Software increased utilization by business points to a change in business strategy; businesses are adopting OSS at a much faster pace than ever before. The OSS (Open Source Software) technology is being installed into business operation which is the unquestionable positive indicator of change in the world of business.

MVI for the past 16 years has proposed OSS software adoption and integration into businesses to save money and improve services. The most recent OSS Summit displayed wares from the Big Switch, Cisco, and Juniper on the same project called OpenFlow. They are investing tens of millions of dollars in resources for code that will be openly shared with everyone – including non-members. So all members can share on a “level playing field where no single actor can dominate the process.” They understand that they can gain more by working together in an open-source way with open-source governance, while still competing in the marketplace.

The same thing happens in the automobile industry. Competitors, such as Jaguar, Land Rover and Toyota, are working together on common operating systems and application programming interfaces because they can focus on delivering applications and not worry about operating system infrastructure.

The Linux platform is the platform of choice for the open source software. With the most recent trend towards developing new code, kernels, and scripts for Linux which is, of course, open source programmers language. In the past, the new Linux code has come from individuals but businesses now are hiring Linux developers to support business users. A second reason business seeks Linux developers is to reduce the IT cost and, if the business is known to actively supports OSS, it would be much easier to keep top technology talent. MVI has been building up our Linux developers since 2001, “We saw the trend to open source and Linux and tried to prepare our staff for the impending needs so our project would not suffer.”

MVI sees a large trend towards more uses of open source in the future from the government, HealthCare, Media, Financial and Automotive. The trend has escalated because of Higher Quality, Freedom from Vendor Lock Down, Libraries of Code Available, Improved Security, Lower Cost and Availability to Source Code. “6 years ago the lower cost was number one reason for adoption by businesses. However, today Competitive features, technical capabilities and security concerns are more important.” Commercial vendor support was the reason why MVI has become a major player in open source software, everyone that bought systems needed an expert to integrate new modules which required knowledge not only in Linux but also Microsoft and the ability to merge them together.

We continue to see the huge interest in OSS and we expect growth to come for many years to come. For the first time MVI is witnessing a greater need for staff, allowing MVI to stay ahead of the demand curve we have been hiring and educating more developers with the Linux skills necessary.

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