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Sales Lead Manager Customization & Integration

Sales lead managers are great tools for automating and enabling your sales team to efficiently track and work their sales prospects. Most sales lead managers are now accessible via the Internet, this allows your sales team instant access to their vital leads anywhere they have Internet connectivity. However, for a sales lead manager to be truly useful within your organization it needs to be integrated with other applications you use to run your business such as accounting software (QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting, etc.).

Infinite Acuity’s consultants have worked with a number of sales lead managers including Salesforce, Pivotal CRM and SugarCRM. Infinite Acuity worked with its parent company MVI Solutions to create its own sales lead manager and CRM called Full Spectrum CRM, which is based on the SugarCRM platform and integrated it with QuickBooks to quickly and easily view statements for their clients. Infinite Acuity will work with you to understand how your business works and how your sales lead manager is currently used within your organization. We will then discuss with you what customizations or integrations you need and the best method for implementing. Infinite Acuity’s development team is highly skilled in the custom development of sales lead managers and integrating them with third-party software.

Sales Lead Manager Customization & Integration Case Study

Sales lead manager customization and integrationMVI had a need to be able to synchronize certain portions of their QuickBooks system with their online CRM system. In response to that need, Infinite Acuity developed a special Visual Basic application that sits on the same computer that QuickBooks is on. When the application is run, it presents the user with the ability to select a data transmission date range. Once a date range is selected, a synchronization triggering button is pushed which causes the program to start dumping QuickBooks data from those dates using a proprietary text file format. The application is able to retrieve the QuickBooks data using a special ODBC driver. Once all of the data has been exported, it is then uploaded to their online CRM system via HTTP upload. At that point, a script on the CRM system parses the data and loads it into its database.
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