Automated Profile Matching

MVI provides advanced matching software to assist in search product development for many industries. We are the industry leading software provider for searching, matching, all forms of identity data.  We build powerful, sophisticated algorithms which produce excellence in identity searches and matches, accomplishing its goals with a minimum of mismatches.  The MVI software supports a variety of identity data types including names, companies, addresses, Social Security Numbers (SSN), dates, email, and more.

MVI solution matching software is delivered in the form of easy-to-use algorithms for integration with most databases and programming environments.  This exceptional feature is easy to use, yet is a powerful customization tool that can customize and fine tune searching and matching parameters to meet your needs.

MVI Solutions matching software accurately identifies data within your database, a potent deduplication tool identifies duplicates with ease, while matching possible counterparts to combine data from multiple sources. Advanced features of MVI solutions include powerful algorithms that produce quality results, Integration customization for virtually all platforms and database systems and customization of database parameters.

The automated profile matching tool allows site members to easily search for site members that may be of interest to them without having to manually run searches on the site.  Site members are automatically notified via email when another site member matches their search criteria.

The automated profile tool utilizes criteria matching algorithm based on data selected by members to make compatible member recommendations to site members.  Members are able to determine the frequency at which they are notified of matches and set criteria such as demographic, religious, ethnic, and career data.

What we do

Our services range from application and website development to marketing strategy & consulting. We can take your ideas and turn them into valuable working models and provide valuable feedback along the way.
Web design is more than pretty pictures and shopping carts.  Successful sites all share a common heritage: they are the result of careful planning, professional development, continuous evaluation of results, and ongoing enhancements.

We utilize industry best SEO practices and PPC campaign management to demonstrate ROI for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! When we’re done we won’t just tell you that you’re successful, we’ll show you the data reflecting the performance of your KPIs.

Who we are

MVI Solutions is a team of super bright professionals who are all veterans of the Information Technology industry. We bring the perfect mix of web design best practices and cutting-edge techniques to your new or developing business.

Our award-winning team has more than 75 years of combined web services experience.  Our team of experts takes care of every aspect of your project, from start to finish. And we are always available so that you can always conveniently contact someone on your team to discuss your ideas and company.
We have hand-picked our experts so that we can offer you a staff made up of the brightest, most educated professionals.  At the same time, we carefully screened our team so that each staff member is able to provide real results – not just academic credentials.

What we make

  • Media and Video Applications
  • Database Upgrades / Migrations
  • Reservation Software
  • Corporate Software
  • Dating Websites
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • MLM Software
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • CRM Sales Lead Software
  • Analytics Visitor Reports
  • Graphic / Flash Design
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Educational Software
  • Image Manipulation Applications
  • Mobile Phone Apps (iPhone)
  • Content Managed Webpages
  • Custom Widgets
  • PDF Generators
  • Social Media Software
  • Live Chat Software
Enterprise Level Web Development Services and Support
MVI solutions has been developing web projects for the last 23 years. We have taken 161 companies from scratch and made their business successful, many of them are turning millions. We are consultants, developers, system administrators, technical support and Google Partners. With staff in many countries and states in USA.
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