Noahs Ark Workshop Site Acquisition Data Integration

Site Acquisition Data

To enhance their position in their market, Noah’s Ark Workshop acquired one of their major competitors and planned to incorporate all of their members into their own system. Unfortunately, it turned out that this competitor’s database was very different from their own. However, due to MVI’s experience in the field of software integration and data migration, this task was successfully accomplished.

MVI spent a considerable amount of time creating a migration and integration plan that would provide the smoothest transition possible. This required the creation of data maps and special migration scripts that would carefully move the competitor’s data into their own database. One of the biggest challenges was that the Noah’s Ark Workshop member identifiers were completely numeric while the competitor’s member identifiers also contained alpha characters. This required modifying the existing Noah’s Ark Workshop system to now allow for alpha-numeric member identifiers. This raised a lot of other issues with the sorting and generating of member identifiers which also needed to be resolved.

Once the plan was put together, all of the migration scripts were written and all of the modifications had been made to their original system, the migration was executed. Everything went to plan and all of their competitor’s members were successfully integrated into their member database.