Heavenly Matched Personality Profile Matching Integration

Personality Matching

MVI designed and developed the majority of the Heavenly Matched website and then proceeded to host it on one of their managed dedicated servers. There was only one small portion of the website that was not developed by MVI. That was their personality profile matching system which was developed by a company by the name of Plumeus.

Heavenly Matched decided on using Plumeus’ matching system because of their patented advanced personality matching algorithm. MVI worked closely with Plumeus in order to complete this specialized integration.

The way this works is by sending Heavenly Matched members off site to a co-branded website hosted by Plumeus which looks just like the Heavenly Matched website.  From there, the members fill out an extensive online personality questionnaire and once complete, they get returned back to the main Heavenly Matched website.  The actual processing of the questionnaire on the Plumeus side of things takes a little while so when Plumeus has the results ready, they make a secure connection directly back to the Heavenly Matched database and post the results.

Then, the main website uses the data returned by Plumeus to perform the personality matches that the members use in the system. This integration allows for the custom software built by MVI to offer the latest and greatest patented personality profile matching system.