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MVI Web Content Manager helps increase efficiency and accuracy of website deployments by placing content creation in the hands of content experts, while IT retains control.

MVI Web Content Manager is a powerful solution that delivers engaging, personalized web experiences across multiple browsers. Displaying content relevant, consistent, and drives higher conversion rates, improves customer loyalty, and increases user engagement. With MVI solutions you can inform your online customers by delivering a web experience that feels custom to their needs, behaviors, roles, language, devices, location, and preferences, while increasing responsiveness by enabling business owners to create and manage their web properties, including the pages, dynamic content, and rich media without IT involvement.

Encompass effortlessly syndicating of your content and web experiences to multiple staff members, including websites, mobile sites, email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Improve the visitor’s experience by allowing them to participate in the conversation, sharing ideas, asking questions, commenting, rating, and tagging your content.

MVI provides Easy to use Content Management tool
Simple, yet powerful rich text editing tools enable business professionals and content creators to quickly manage rich web content without IT involvement. An expansive catalog of pre-built, high-value content templates speeds microsite and web page creation, while dynamic, contextually, toolbar and built-in project management features make it easy to create, version, publish and syndicate web content. A flexible workflow capability ensures that the content lifecycle follows the desired business processes and approvals before going live.

Affluentmagazine.com editors are now able to manage the articles and banner ads on their site without the need for additional programming or knowing any HTML or other programming languages. The editors can manage all site content from an easy-to-use administrator control panel, which includes member management and email communications.

The control panel allows the editors complete management over the front-end content via a custom built management system. The management system utilizes the following technologies:

  • What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors for easy-to-use control over articles and their layout. This also includes an image gallery and video gallery controller that allows the editors to upload multiple images and videos for the articles.
  • Videos are automatically converted into FLV format (same video format used on YouTube.com).
  • Robust member email manager that allows the editors to send targeted email notifications to individual members or groups of members.
  • AJAX technology for quick and easy management of article categories.
  • Intuitive management controls to edit/enable/disable members, articles, banner ads and charity organizations.
  • The control panel also features a blog manager module that allows the editors to quickly and easily create new blogs on the site and identify featured blogs.
  • Furthermore the application includes auto archiving of past articles and issues for the magazine.


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