Tomorrow’s Dynamic Web Development Applications

Recognizing intense web challenges is the development of dynamic web application.  A survey of industry analysts on the topic of application development provides evidence that today’s businesses are facing ever-mounting challenges in the complexity necessary in new application development methods, as well as the accelerated pace of change in business.

A major issue facing IT leaders in mid-sized companies is how to deliver the next wave of enterprise applications.  Current staff possess invaluable business expertise, but may lack skills in Java, .Net, PHP, Flash or collection of other technologies and methods usually associated with The Web, Wireless, Windows client and Web Services.

MVI leverages your business expertise to our development knowledge to build the next wave of enterprise applications – without complexity!

With MVI’s corporate Internet development services you will get a custom database driven Website with the business solutions you need to boost your sales with dynamic pages that your staff will be able to easily update, interactive customer service abilities to relieve your call center, MVI’s superior search engine optimization and intranet development to speed up communications between your departments.  All of our solutions can be built on either a Linux or Microsoft platform.

MVI’s solutions for business problems make clients more efficient and therefore more profitable.

With our corporate Internet development you can:

Develop Functional Dynamic Internet Image

Our staff learns your business and develops a plan to increase your marketing penetration by building a site that reflects your goals and business plan.  MVI staff can build a static site or dynamic database is driven pages.  We have experience developing over 700 sites.


  • Let your Web visitors ask questions while at your site. Don’t make them wait for email answers or make them leave your site to use the telephone.  Research has shown that business benefits by providing the best possible customer service.
  • Instant Communications

    Instant messaging is a private fast email system that lets you select the group of individuals that you communicate with on a frequent basis.  The group selected would know when you are online and available for discussions.  Company instant messaging provides more efficient use of employees’ time and makes it easy to connect different locations, important clients and suppliers without the fear of intervention from outsiders.

  • Client Control of Online Store

    In today’s competitive e-commerce marketplace, the ability to change prices, change items and remove items is necessary to keep a competitive advantage.  It is now possible to manage your online store 24/7 from any computer.

  • Data Sharing With Visitors, Clients or Customers

    When different groups or offices must share data, the solution is to place your database on a Web server. People in multiple locations then have the ability to utilize the same data. The Web database can be synchronized to offline systems so everyone has current data.

  • Tracking Shipments

    For freight and transportation companies, this system provides your customers with information about the delivery of goods – online and viewable 24/7.

  • Online Purchase Department

    The major companies are all doing it – consolidating their purchasing departments via an online system to simplify the steps.  Solicit bids, compare prices, complete the purchase procedure – and save lots of time and money.

  • Paperless Forms

    Get clients to sign up online and have the information transfer directly into a database on the Web server.  Paperless form transactions are a proven way to save time and money.  The server can be synchronized to download to an office computer/server and/or other offices.

  • Product Display System

    Need to keep your online products updated?  This solution applies to real estate, vehicles, manufactured items, catalogs, and many other businesses.  You can add/edit/delete from your office computer, 24/7 while saving money.

  • Inventory Control

    Online inventory control systems allow your staff to easily update inventory without hiring programmers and IT people.  This system allows all branches, salespeople, and valuable clients the ability to query the system.

  • Group/Management Confidential Scheduler

    Provides the organization with private communication links to easily inform selected members about scheduled events. The ultimate management tool to organize various groups within your company – even when individuals in the group are in different locations. Private communication is necessary for multiple reasons – this system gives you that feature through a secure entrance on the Internet.

  • Site Changes

    Make changes or alterations to your Web page; add pictures and change the wording on your Web site from your computer.  Simple, easy to do and requires no new programs or software to learn.  Any computer novice can operate this system 24/7.

  • Calendar

    Would a calendar on your site allow you to advertise important dates to Internet visitors?  This new calendar makes it easy for any Website owner to add/ edit/delete important dates quickly and easily from his/her computer.

  • Increase Your E-mail Capabilities

    This system allows personalized emailing of multiple contacts – each recipient’s email shows only their address in the “To” field.  User-friendly sharing of email lists between different locations over the Internet; integrates with either MS Outlook or Access formats.  This business tool makes communication easier and faster.

Realtor software For Easy Property Posting

MVI has done numerous real estate listing sites that range from traditional residential property listings to commercial property listings.  Through our years of development, we’ve found a core set of functionality that all real estate websites need.  This includes managing properties, providing property search capabilities and allowing visitors to sign up as members.  Once signed up, those members are able to save listings to a favorites section and save their search criteria for fast and targeted search results.

All of this is completely customizable by MVI to your exact business needs.  After all, you need to separate yourself from your competitors in order to be successful.  This could be a custom design made to your preference or custom development that meets a business need specific to your company.  Whatever it is, MVI can help.

To get you started, below is a list of features that are available (any feature can be customized to your needs):

Visitors Section

This is the portion of the site that is available to any site visitor.

  • Information Pages. These are content-managed pages that allow the visitor to learn more about your site. The pages include Home, About Us, FAQ, Testimonials, Terms of use, and Security & Privacy.
  • Property Search. There are 2 ways to search for properties on the site. They include:
    1. Basic Search – this allows visitors to search by basic property criteria (e.g. number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, price range, city, etc.)
    2. Advanced Search – this allows the visitor to search for properties based on all of the property information (e.g. square footage, amenities such as a pool, garage, etc.)

Member Section

The member’s section is a password-protected section only members have access to. From here they can manage their basic profile information, search for property listings (via basic, advanced and saved searches), and manage their favorite properties list.

  • Member Sign Up. Members sign up is a quick and easy process where the visitor simply enters their name, current address, telephone number, email address, username and password.
  • User Profile. Ability to change user profile as entered during registration (see above).  The member will be able to log in at any time to update their profile information.  The member is also able to set a “new property” notification flag.  If activated, the member will be emailed whenever a new property is added to the site that matches one of their saved searches.
  • Property Search. In addition to the Basic and Advanced search functionality available to everyone. Members will be able to save different searches so they can quickly retrieve search results in the future.
  • Favorite Properties. This section allows members to quickly view properties that they have saved as a favorite from search results.

Administration Area

This area is password protected and used only by the site administrator to manage the site content, property listings and members. The area uses a normal web browser interface and can be reached from any computer in the world equipped with an up-to-date browser and Internet access.

  • Employee Manager. This section allows the administrator to manage employees that have access to the administration area.  Employees will be restricted access to only the administration areas they have been given access to by the administrator.
  • Property Manager. This section allows the administrator to manage property listings available to site visitors and members. The administrator will be able to add/edit/delete/enable/disable properties for the site. This includes adding up to 8 photos for each property and identifying the “featured” photo that displays in search results.
  • Member Manager. This section allows the administrator to manage members that have signed up on the site. This includes adding new members, deleting members and enable/disabling members.
  • Content Manager. This section allows the administrator to manage the content on the pages listed under the “Site Visitor” section above via a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.  This gives you the ability to keep fresh content up on the site.

Capture Leads and Turn Them Into Customers

We can integrate your real estate website with our robust Full Spectrum software.  By having visitors fill out a form on your real estate website, they could be automatically inserted as a lead into the Full Spectrum software.  You could then manage them through the lead process through conversion into a client.  Imagine the possibilities and endless growth potential of your web presence by providing visitors with an appealing, informative real estate website that features your listings and then being able to turn them into a customer.

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