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Infinite Acuity worked hand-in-hand with their parent company to create a custom middleware application used to export information from their internal accounting software (Quickbooks) directly into their online, web-based CRM system.

MVI had a need to be able to synchronize certain portions of their QuickBooks system with their online CRM system.  In response to that need, Infinite Acuity developed a special Visual Basic application that sits on the same computer that QuickBooks is on.   When the application is run, it presents the user with the ability to select a data transmission date range.  Once a date range is selected, a synchronization triggering button is pushed which causes the program to start dumping QuickBooks data from those dates using a proprietary text file format.  The application is able to retrieve the QuickBooks data using a special ODBC driver.  Once all of the data has been exported, it is then uploaded to their online CRM system via HTTP upload.  At that point, a script on the CRM system parses the data and loads it into its database.

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