Back Office Management Software

MVI Solutions Back Office Software comprehensively covers most of the business and administration issues your practice has to face including payroll issues, purchasing, banking, stock control, petty cash, staff records, and much more.  The software was written in early 2000’s and updated in modules.  We utilize those back office modules to streamline customer needs to overcome bottlenecks that exist in operation rather than a complete package.  MVI is an integrator of engineers and programmers but we do not offer shrink-wrapped software because much of what is produced today is partial functions rather than complete systems.

MVI Software modules offer a range of custom reports designed to help you monitor and control your office. Here are just a few examples:

  • Number of projects
  • Support Calls
  • Your average hourly rate
  • Percentage of man hours available
  • Number of new clients monthly yearly
  • Clients acquired by advertising programs
  • Amount of time committed to sales
  • Amount of time spent per client
  • Comparison of employee productivity
  • Percentage of outsourced expenses

Employment Records

Create and maintain records for all staff members easily with Back Office Software.  Store full personal records, working hours and manage absences from one central location.  You can even set up payroll requirements in detail – starting pay frequency and method of payment for each member of your staff within the easy-to-use Payroll Module.  And, best of all, the information automatically updates within the Bank Module.


How and where inventory us used, record withdrawals and much more.  Every time inventory changes the records are debited or credited. The Ledger updates automatically to ensure accuracy.  Back Office even features a Stock Control module that can be used to track your inventory – recording missing items, marking items received, and notifying you when items are needed.


Automatic reports to keep track on your business performance. Run reports for individual staff members. The number of support calls each month, average hourly rates, money taken, and cost of running the office, the number of new clients and the advertising program used to acquire, the number of customers lost, the amount of time lost to cancellations, and much more.  The results can be displayed in a variety of ways, with summaries, trends, and comparisons available at a glance.


Create purchase orders, enter invoices and credit notes individually or in batches within the Purchase Ledger or, use the online system to track all office invoice and AR systems.  The accounting system dovetails with other more elaborate system such as Quickbooks.

Many of the routine day to day operations that an office handles can be streamlined with our back office software.  Everything from managing personnel files to days off to client information can be done electronically with efficiency.  Each section is laid out in an easy to read, easy to use a format that will increase productivity throughout the staff.


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