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Open Source Software Concerns

Software buyers should focus on whether the acquisition of open source software application by the projects development team is consistent with industry standards.  Many companies look to the lowest price when it comes to acquiring software development.  Overlooking the potential problem that code used and not owned is a huge problem when the integration of sale to others.  One needs to be fully prepared to answer the questions about ownership of any code used in the business application. Integrate with other software as a critical step to advancing your business to the next level.

Most developers develop software using open source components and or code.  The best development companies start every development project by integrating previously developed modules. The ownership of these modules is always in question as seen most recently when Sansung included modules owned and copyrighted by Apple. The best target or goal would be a company policy that allows for the managed use of open source code

Adoption of open source when it matches internal needs is good business and may reduce the budget. There are many open source internet infrastructure elements that are used by most businesses that utilize a data center. But not all open source applications are developed at the same high level or maintained going forward. The final business decision is the cost of using open source software against the risks. Risks are a lack of support, poor security, and protection against copyright or patent infringement.

Enterprise business policies in the financial services and healthcare industries, require IT staff to know exactly where each module was procured. Documents of ownership and clear title of use is necessary. Securing open source license is not difficult, but the staff must have a clear ledger of code use and acquisition data.  Remember, most open source software can be obtained by IT staff without management’s knowledge or approval.

For most developers in the software industry, the first request issued to track open source software used will be to inventory all third party software. Many businesses today should require a scan of the company’s source code by a compliance tool vendor. This scan of a code base will discover open source code used.  If the code scan reveals open source software that is not listed in the inventory provided it will quickly define the direction that the business should take. If the open source inventory list matches the scan results then the adoption will proceed.

Management of MVI utilizes open source software integrated, cross-functional software, to develop new software features. While inventorying of the software used, MVIwill also identifies opportunities to improve quality, reduce costs. The MVI management team establishes policies and procedures that are consistent with the direction to produce quality solutions that business can trust.

A trouble ticket has grown so much that we have developed a new website to handle this software application. You can read more here.

Trouble Ticket takes the finest features of the help desk, trouble ticket and Full Spectrum and integrates them into a secure web-based device that is powerfully productive yet very user-friendly.  This module takes support to a new level of effectiveness within any company.  Trouble Ticket gives you a wide-ranging control and visibility of your customers support issues.

Trouble Ticket

  • Organizes and stores all support communications
  • Displays all support request individually or by group
  • Allows for updating of all support requests
  • Tracks support actions, giving management a real-time picture of support status
  • Stored support requests allows management to review how to improve support
  • Support request are cataloged under customer identity

No technical knowledge is necessary for use of Trouble Ticket because it uses a web-based interface that is so intuitive you will be working in minutes. Trouble Ticket needs only a few changes of e-mail settings to create users. Trouble Ticket is completely compatible with every current web and e-mail hosting service. Of course, the system also comes equipped with its own email system.

Trouble Ticket is accessible from any computer with up to date web browsers and any Internet connection. No software needs to be downloaded to your network or computers. Trouble Ticket is a hosted software which can integrate its powerful features while our staff handles the support and maintenance.  Security is handled by an SSL certification, either ours or yours.

Read More About Trouble Ticket

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