Software Integration Development

Once your research and analysis phase is complete and all of your projects is planned out, it is time to start the actual development and implementation of your software integration solution. If you do not already have your own development team, Infinite Acuity can provide one for you. With years of experience working on software integration projects, the IA Integration Development team has the skill set and knowledge you need to develop and implement your software integration solution.

Using IA’s Integration Development services ensures that the following 4 goals are met:

Meets the needs of the organization

If a company is going to invest the time, effort and expense in developing a custom software integration solution, it must meet all the expectations of what it is intended to do.

Is flexible so that future expansion is possible

Many times when a software integration solution is created it is done so for a particular need. As time goes on, and that software becomes entrenched within a company, additional enhancements may be needed. A software integration solution should be initially constructed with this in mind so that, as enhancements are requested, the core of it does not have to be rewritten. This helps keep long-term costs down and improves the speed of overall development.

Built on a standard, reliable platform

Software integration solutions should be created on a platform that has a long history of stability and reliability and is best suited for the task at hand. In doing this, the software has less chance of having critical issues as well as it provides a strong mechanism for integrating with third-parties. Meaning, most third-party applications are designed to work with standard application design. If your software integration solution is built in a way that is open and standard, the chances of the two systems working together increase dramatically.

Makes your business run smoother

The ultimate goal of creating a software integration solution is that it is built the way you want it because you know what solution will improve your business. A properly developed software integration solution makes your business run smoother because it was designed to make your business run smoother.

Choosing the right development team for your software development project is not always an easy thing to do. In the case of developing a software integration solution, however, there is an easy choice to make – Infinite Acuity.

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