CS Rhino

Rhino Imaging

Rhino Imaging, LLC provides the latest in technological support for all imaging and document management services.  Large and small organizations can rely on Rhino to help them prepare documents for electronic review and/or storage.  Our experience will aid in making the collection, organization, review, and the production of relevant documents manageable.

Infinite Acuity helped Rhino Imaging with several data transformation tasks which were requested by Rhino’s clients.  This involved taking data out of their legal document management system (Concordance), reorganizing it, and putting it back in.

Once Rhino’s parameters on the data transformation were clear, Infinite Acuity proceeded to develop an application that would take a specially formatted input file that comes from Concordance, and run through it and create a similarly formatted output file that could then be reloaded into Concordance.  The application was written in PHP.

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