Cloudflare HTTPS & Security

With the ease of tools such as CloudFlare, it is really easy to set up and enforce https which not only makes your site secure but makes your users feel comfortable with the lock icon displaying in the browser. CloudFlare Pros and Cons Pros Free SSL Certificate. Free CDN just by signing up. Records. Free […]
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Freelance Developers Tricks To Get Paid

Today, freelance developers are in demand because most companies seek the cheapest solutions, which happens to be hiring freelancers. Most freelancer work by project and are paid by invoice not as an employee. There is cost saving to the company to pay by invoice and a risk to the Freelancer. Freelance developer’s life involves working […]
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Python Development

Google Python has been an important part of Google since 2004. It is recognized as an official language at Google. Python is one of the important programming languages at Google today as are C++ and Java. Python will remain an important part of Google as the system grows. Google engineers use Python, and they seek […]
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Primary Mobile Revenue Channel

Why did apps become such a revenue powerhouse in the eCommerce industry? Shoppers in the United States are expected to make $118 billion in retail purchases through their smartphones in 2018. 66% of mobile purchases were made through apps last year. Mobile shoppers are currently the fastest-growing consumer population. If you’re looking to expand your […]
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Shopping Apps Versus Mobile Optimized Site

Compare Shopping with Apps Versus Mobile Optimized Sites Mobile users are research prone. Fascinated by the search, they spend time scouring mobile sites and apps to find the best products, deals, and reviews. To do this they must have fast load time. The analytics shows consumers don’t have a strong empathy toward apps or mobile […]
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Personalized Marketing Works

We equip our client’s advertisement material to display the best experience consumers have ever had. Customers today can order a personalized cup of coffee in 5 minutes, and they have learned to seek the same personalized experience with everything they buy. The net has created an environment of changing customer expectations. To succeed you need […]
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Video Enhances PPC Marketing

Can Video Enhance Your Internet Marketing Program? Since the adoption of video by sites such as YouTube, marketing managers have said video advertising is good method to generate brand awareness and improve advertising results. But the proof was always allusive. Some recent marketing results delivers an unqualified answer.  Per one recent study that began in […]
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How mobile is reshaping the Marketplace

Before 2015, businesses depended on special relationships to build their brand. Whether it was in-person, at industry events, or over the phone, the human element between business and client played a essential role in business growth. But the internet changed that dynamic. Today customers do not assume they will speak with a salesperson until it’s […]
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2018 B2B MarketPlace

The way B2B buyers research and shop has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The days when buyers would simply order through a catalog are disappearing. Research demonstrates that, 71% of purchases for multiple industrial manufacturing and pack-and-ship industries were influenced by digital.  Creating a new B2B shopping behavior. It is important to recognize […]
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