For slow websites, AMP and PWA are excellent options

For a long time, increasing the speed of slow websites has been a mission-critical task for web developers. However, optimizing the performance of legacy web applications is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. As a result, developers may suffer low productivity or be unable to raise the speed of their work despite putting in a significant amount of effort. The two fantastic technologies, accelerated mobile page (AMP) and progressive web app (PWA), make the programming responsibilities of programmers easier while also providing an excellent user experience for users. We have extensive experience working with a variety of legacy software systems, and we need to devote more time to improve the speed with which the site loading speed. One such example is Hollywoodlace. We need to optimize the speed of this site on a regular basis, and we do it practically every time a new feature is added, or an issue is fixed that was not foreseen. The Google AMP and PWA technologies were implemented on this website, and the results were outstanding. The website becomes super-fast and surges in traffic, resulting in visitors spending more time than they did previously.

Furthermore, users have other advantages when utilizing PWAs, such as saving it as an app on their devices and using it as a native app instead of visiting the website every time. They can also engage in various activities such as browsing websites placing orders for almost every task. Additionally, the administrator will have the ability to send push notifications to all the people who have subscribed.

The benefits of both technologies are briefly in below:

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

  • Mainly for mobile users
  • An excellent solution for slow websites
  • No need for an extra caching strategy
  • Blazing fast mobile pages

PWA (Progressive Web App)

  • Compatible with all types of devices
  • Faster loading the webpages
  • No need for an extra caching strategy
  • No native mobile app required
  • Provide almost all types of mobile app features

The entire user experience has changed after implementing these technologies in the Hollywoodlace site. The organic traffic has continuously increased, leading to successful transactions eventually and increasing revenue overall.

Following the successful implementation of these technologies on the Hollywoodlace website, we applied them to a number of other websites and obtained the same results, as well as satisfied clients and users.

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