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After installing AMP in the old-fashioned WordPress site, organic traffic steadily increased

One of the most challenging tasks is keeping the WordPress site’s optimization at a high level of performance. Developers mostly employ various sorts of caching plugins in order to maintain the site’s loading time as short as possible. However, because it consumes additional memory resources, it might cause the site to slow down at times, raising the possibility that a third party will steal data. Furthermore, increasing the site loading speed of old WordPress websites, which contain a large number of third-party and custom plugins, is a time-consuming endeavor. After putting in a large amount of effort, developers have seen no meaningful progress in the overall optimization of the site or have received low yields from the site.

In such a case, we have discovered that Google AMP (accelerated mobile page) is a fantastic approach to consider. A good example is advancedpsy, which is one of several old-fashioned WordPress sites that we’ve taken care of throughout the years. Unfortunately, it is a legacy web application, and we frequently hear from clients about the slowness of the website in general. While we explored a variety of various technologies, plugins, and different optimization tactics and hacks, we were unable to achieve any significant gain.

Finally, we have implemented AMP technology on this site and got exceptional outcomes in terms of site loading speed. More than that, it performs consistently well across devices and distribution platforms in terms of speed, aesthetics, and overall performance. Because AMP restricts HTML/CSS and JavaScript, AMP pages load instantaneously on mobile devices, enabling for faster rendering of mobile web pages. Furthermore, unlike conventional mobile pages, AMP pages are immediately cached by Google AMP Cache, resulting in faster page load times when searching on Google. As a result, the server does not require any additional storage space to store the amp pages, which saves cost and time.

When determining the bounce rate of mobile web pages, the speed of the website is a critical component. For mobile site bounce rates, the loading speed is largely assessed in two ways: the DOM ready time and the total time it takes to load the whole page. All of the amp pages are served from the Google server, which helps to reduce the DOM ready time and full-page load times. This is because all of the pictures, fonts, CSS, and other codes are served from the Google cache server. As a result, the full-page load time is reduced. The sites are developed using the AMP load pages almost instantly, providing visitors with a smoother, more engaging experience on their mobile devices.

When users are using their mobile devices, they have certain expectations of the experience. They want meaningful, relevant, and faster experiences. We rely on the AMP open-source project for the services, which allows us to construct optimal, closely integrated user experiences instead of clunky and slow mobile experiences. Following the implementation of these technologies on the advancedpsy website, the entire user experience has been transformed. The amount of organic traffic has been steadily increasing. Having achieved success with adopting AMP on the advancedpsy website, we implemented this technology to a number of other WordPress websites. We get the same results faster page loading and satisfied clients and users.

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