Python Development


Python has been an important part of Google since 2004. It is recognized as an official language at Google. Python is one of the important programming languages at Google today as are C++ and Java. Python will remain an important part of Google as the system grows. Google engineers use Python, and they seek additional staff using this language.

YouTube a Google subsidiary uses Python, the entire site uses Python for different purposes: view video, control templates for website, administer video, access to canonical data, and many more. Python is everywhere on YouTube.

There are at least 3 main usages of Python in Google:

  • YouTube is written in Python – there are plans to move off Python, but it’s not the highest priority.
  • Most test automation and some site reliability scripts are written in Python. This is leveraging Python’s power as a scripting language.
  • Lots of Machine Learning code is written in Python. Python is one of the most important languages in ML / AI domain.

The total number of people using Python as the main language in Google is probably in the thousands, and the total number of people who need to touch Python occasionally in Google is likely in tens of thousands.

Starts Ups

Startups face the decision of picking the right programming language. It is not an easy one to make, considering the variety of options to choose from, with PHP, JavaScript, and Python being just a few. It is very important to make the correct decision since a future programming uses can help you avoid these common problems. Such as, scaling the development team up and down, internal integration and implementation of new features.

The programming language you choose serves the needs of your needs and is beneficial for the growth of your business.
Choosing the wrong language may require a rewrite of the code in the future, expensive. Below you will see the four reasons why Python is indeed a good choice for your startup.

  1. Python is scalable.
    Which is crucial for startups to catch the wave of success and ride it while it lasts, but your business needs to be ready to handle growth. That’s where Python comes into play. The simplicity at the heart of the language means you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles along the way and continue growing as you please. This, in turn, spells out only good things for years to come.

  2. Python is user-friendly.
    Python is valued and appreciated in the software community for being intuitive and easy to use. These inviting qualities are often the main reason why so many startups use Python as their programming language.

  3. Python is advanced.
    Python is ground-breaking, it is versatile, and it allows you to elevate your service to new heights. Whatever your needs, Python has got you covered. While many favor Python over other languages, major-league players like YouTube, Instagram, and Google rely on code written in Python.

  4. Python is universal.
    Python is used everywhere these days, Its popularity is on the rise, and the support for it ever-growing. As part of your future-proofing agenda, you would be wise to pick a language for your startup that is here to stay.

Building successful products is a significantly multifaceted endeavor. Sometimes it is not possible to write everything is one language. Business logic tends to be IO centric and does not require CPU performance. Within this realm Python shines. Another facet is that Python is an excellent adhesive language. So parts of code which do need performance can be written in C, C++ and called in python.

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