Why Do I Need Progressive Web App

“PWA’s combine the most useful functions of native mobile app as well as the mobile features of speed and offline utilization, without a download.” 

J Douglas

For years it appeared that nothing would replace the almighty native app.   Then, Progressive Web App (PWA’s) came along.    PWA is the future of the mobile web.

PWA’s utilize the advantage of an apps without any downloads.  Anyone clicking on a web site, with PWA enabled, will receive the benefits of the App. Which means your site will rank higher on Google, and receive more visitors since there is no barrier to enter. The website visitors will never know they are on a progressive web app until they see the speed of delivery with offline usage.  The PWA solution delivers through all devices and browsers without the annoyance of app-store distribution which is an enormous barrier to entry for the client.  PWA pages perform like a webpage, but are programmed to function like an app.

Why Use Native Apps

The Native apps are practical for everyday activities such as communicating; SMS, Skype, and Messenger that need constant access to the OS.  But beyond that, PWA’s are competitive.

Why Use PWA’s

The PWA solution delivers on all devices and browsers without the annoyance of download, which removes a massive obstacle to visitors.  PWA pages are viewable immediately as a web page but their programming works like an app.  The mixture of enhanced connectivity and superior browsing supports a growing adoption of Progressive Web Applications.

MVI chose to halt manufacturing of native apps and alter how we design and deliver mobile sites.   The gap between a PWA and a native app is dwindling, since the PWA’s perform offline, connecting notifications and integrate with server. Plus, PWA can be saved to your home screen to improve load time. As a Google partner we were educated on PWA’s because of search engine ranking improvements possible.  Google has now established standards and Chrome browser will communicate with the PWA  and encourage the user to save the PWA link.

Why the Net Will Adopt PWA’s

Native apps must be programmed differently to communicate to iOS and Android and they cost more to build.   That is why we have focused on development apps that work with any operating system or any browser.  PWA’s work well on all mobile browsers, producing efficient response time with adaptive designs.  Since the most common viewer of the internet is the mobile operating system all websites in the future must work well with all mobile devices.

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