Primary Mobile Revenue Channel

Why did apps become such a revenue powerhouse in the eCommerce industry?

  • Shoppers in the United States are expected to make $118 billion in retail purchases through their smartphones in 2018.
  • 66% of mobile purchases were made through apps last year.
  • Mobile shoppers are currently the fastest-growing consumer population.

If you’re looking to expand your clientele, you simply cannot ignore the fact that smartphones are everywhere and are converting a lot of sales. But why did apps become such a revenue powerhouse in the eCommerce industry? It’s quite simple: apps provide the opportunity to occupy valuable real estate on a user’s device and on their mental radar. Gone are the days of having to drive to a store or type in a web address. With a simple tap of an app icon, consumers can digest your messaging and access your inventory—and they simply cannot get enough.

But beyond having your brand just sitting there, right in front of your customer’s face, apps allow you to reach customers at any time, thanks to key features that make shopping easier than ever. Push notifications are one of the most vital factors that differentiate native apps from mobile websites, thanks to results like retention rates 7 times higher than apps that don’t use push. Push is also an easy opportunity to use your store’s brand and voice to directly intrigue and engage shoppers as soon as they swipe to open that message.

You’re also able to collect more behavioral data with a mobile app than from a website. Apps take advantage of smartphones’ built-in sensors, such as GPS, so you can track and watch smartphone users’ interests and locations. You can use this information to offer compelling content that appeals to your customers—without alarming them.

Another bonus? Mobile apps integrate payment systems, such as digital wallets, to make checkout as short and easy as possible for your customers. It’s a well-held fact in eCommerce that cart abandonment occurs most often in the payment stage. By storing payment information and requiring only a tap to buy your products, you’ll convert more sales and retain more customers. This feature is also strengthened by the power of Facebook Login, which allows your customers to sign into the app with their Facebook information, thus eliminating the need to fill out long forms.

With features like these, it’s clear why mobile is driving the biggest retail sales growth. So what’s your next step after reading these extraordinary facts? Contemplate your store, brand, products, and clientele. Think about how your brand’s voice could convert sales via push notifications, or how credit card storage could eliminate your nagging problem of cart abandonment.

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