PracticeMaster Integration with web application

What is PracticeMaster?

PracticeMaster is a well-known Practice management software designed specifically for law firms. This software gives a Matter Manager for client activity, which keeps e-mails, research, and documents all in one place.

What PracticeMaster does?

People who involved in a legal matter need to see the journal entries for a case. PracticeMaster has user permissions and security settings so that people only see the information they are supposed to see.

Small and mid-size law firms can utilize PracticeMaster software in their office to let their clients see the journal entries. Using the export feature of PracticeMaster software it is also possible to export journal entries and sends the files via email.

What problems are we fixing?

One of our clients is a large law firm which has thousands of clients. Each client is assigned to a company. As a result, a company is responsible to manage legal matters of multiple clients. Each company has multiple managers, who need to see the journal entries for all clients of that corresponding company. In this situation, it is not viable to purchase PracticeMaster software for hundreds of managers who need to see the journal activities on a regular basis.

What is our solution?

The whole application is divided into two parts. One is a windows application. Another one is the web application.

Windows application

The windows application is installed on a computer in the office of our law firm client. That computer also needs to have PracticeMaster installed with most recent journal entries of their clients.

Roles of the windows application

The windows application periodically connects to the database of PracticeMaster software using allowed database access protocol of PracticeMaster. After successful connection with PracticeMaster database, the windows application creates a zip file with all the journal entries along with other related data for clients, companies, managers etc.

Technology stack for windows application

  • Microsoft .NET desktop application

Web application

The web application is a hosted application. Anyone who knows the URL can see access the login page of the web application. As we mentioned above, each company can have multiple managers; who can view the journal entries report for all clients of that company. In the login page, company managers will enter their username and password to login. After login managers can generate the report for clients who belong to the company of the manager.

Technology stack for web application

  • Web front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Web back-end: PHP
  • Database: MySQL

Web application features

Our web application gives following features:

  • View the list of clients
  • Search for clients
  • Report generation
  • Report scheduling
  • Print report

Report generation

A manager can only generate the report for the clients who belong to the company of the manager. The report generate feature also offers following filters:

  • Matter type
  • Community name
  • Owner name
  • Sort options
  • Status (open / closed)

Report scheduling

A manager can also schedule report generation with above-mentioned filters. The report will be generated on the selected day of the month. After successful report generation, the manager will receive an email with the link to the generated file. The file can be viewed using the web browser and can be printed using the built-in print function of any web browser.

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