Ecommerce Profitability, Support and Maintenance

Just building an e-commerce website does not make you profitable. There are many roadblocks which require experience and prior knowledge. We have a proven success record of developing winners, and the support team to back up our efforts.

MVI E-commerce team offers e-commerce software support, development, programming, design, marketing, and maintenance. We deliver the high degree of success because we offer the most comprehensive solutions available. Seamlessly addressing each of these foundational elements from the start, we consistently deliver a better return on investment.

Our competitors don’t have the ability to fully address each of these skill sets because they just aren’t big enough. Our team of designers, marketing gurus, and project managers each excel in their own special field. Our cohesive design and market approach allows our graphic artists to communicate with the leading SEO minds in the country.

We have had success with multiple e-commerce platforms, but we prefer Magento Enterprise if it fits the customer’s objectives. Creating an online store that allows your customers to have a superior shopping experience. The MVI team of professional’s design easy navigation to enable an simple traffic flow. Multiple payment gateways are another advantage of using Magento. Connecting social media portals with the online store offers a marketing feature.

Magento offers:

  • Single Page Checkout
  • Manage Multiple Store with One Admin
  • Built-in Marketing Tools
  • Complete Analytics & Reporting
  • Modules for any desired feature
  • Optimized Magento Code
  • Lead generation modules
  • Security built into the software
  • Timely backup
  • Technical Training
  • Upgradeable Platform
  • Efficient average page load time
  • Magento Troubleshoot
  • One Stop Solution
  • Affordable

Magento support and Maintenance becomes of key importance. We have observed, the performance of a Magento web store starts degrading after a year or two because of the amount of data on file, all the products, customers, orders, extensions take a lot of space in the database. Magento Support as the site ages is important. At MVI, 24/7 support will keep your Magento store up and run. Our Magento support packages encompass a complete range of services including:

  • Magento troubleshooting
  • General maintenance and support
  • Magento emergency support
  • Security fixing
  • Magento migration
  • Performance review and optimization
  • Magento updates
  • Feature enhancements
  • Magento server management
  • Pay As You Go or Monthly Support Packages

Exclusive Magento support packages – Start from $200/month

  • 24/7/365 site monitoring
  • Nearly instant response
  • Out-of-office support
  • Upgrade plans at any time
  • Contact through email, ticket, Skype, and telephone

If you are looking, to start or upgrade your e-commerce site, we would like to consult with you and discuss, solutions, services, and profitability.

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