New Mobile Technologies from Google Improves Consumers Actions

Mobile ecommerce website owners cannot ignore the mobile usage. Mobile users spend significantly more time on the mobile web today a trend that is only gaining influence.  These mobile web users are more than double the number of unique visitors (first time users) in June 2017.

Mobile web users often rely on Google search to serve an immediate need, such as finding a nearby location. Mobile searches contain the phrase “near me” has increased 250% when searching for services and products.  Today 50% of all searches happen on mobile devices.  Google states advertisers must be sure they’re delivering a web experience optimized for mobile phones.

A second consideration is that all new mobile responsive websites need to deliver content within 2 seconds.  Google reports that faster page load times equate to much reduce bounce rate and a 20 times better chance the viewer will stay on your site.

Recently Google algorithm was adjusted to permit mobile-first indexing, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), Android Instant Apps and Progressive Web Apps.

Instant apps, utilize programming from Google Play, people can tap to try an app or game without installing it first. Increasing the engagement time with your Android app and gaining more installs by surfacing your instant app across the Play Store, Google Search, social networks, and anywhere you share a link. The app joins both mobile web and the native app to create a more seamless user experience. 

The instant app allows a more efficient converting of the user, who may not want to download a new app into his mobile device.  The instant app permits the users a temporarily faster experience. The instant app provides the benefits of faster engagement install path, without asking the client to download an app.

So instead of forcing potential customers into using a native app, the instant app provides a better experience than the one you could provide on the mobile web.  Instant app research discovered that the best use of instant app was converting traffic from email messaging.

To understand how the instant app works read more here.

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