Reach Potential Customers Where They are looking

In 2019 it is the TV viewers, not networks, who decide which programs are popular.

In an TV industry where we have cable and internet to allow us to view what we want to see – when we want to see it and on any device.  We’re able to watch our favorite programs on Comcast Infinity,  Netflix, Hulu,  YouTube or Amazon Prime.

Increasing numbers of viewers watch streaming video on mobile devices.  Fitness enthusiasts may do yoga with YouTube. Golf instructions is online.  Education and informational channels are available to any viewer to satisfy their needs.  Video that caters to viewer desire are three times more important than whether the content features famous actors.  61 percent of people say that the content they watched on YouTube in the last 24 hours was related to something they’re passionate about.

Advertisers must understand this new world of online video.  Because platforms are being created to cater to unique viewers interests.  And they watch them when they have available time.   Back in the day, viewers scheduled their time around their favorite TV show. Today the viewers have it at there finger tips and on mobile devices to allow them to watch when they have available time.  I love sports but the games do not coincide with my available time, so I watch them when I have time.  I take my golf lessons online. I educate my employees with videos that they can watch when they have time.

This trend will not change because it is to convenient.  So advertisers must alter how they reach our consumers, employees, affiliates and new potential customers.  We must utilize this trend to our advantage not ignore it.  If we sell a product what does our prospective client like to watch?  We need to position our advertise on the channels that they watch.

Many of us advertise on venues that are available instead of isolating a venue that our prospects like. In 2019 we must adapt to succeed.  We must adopt a plan how to get the largest exposure for the lowest cost.

Your prospect passion is where you need to advertise.  Displaying in someone primetime doesn’t just attract attention — it influences.  And that’s another kind of viewership entirely, with profound implications.

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