Multiple Keyword Voice Search SEO

The most important first step is to gather a couple of
keywords that fit your business’s niches. Find at least 3-5 related phrases
that incorporate website products. For example,
titles. Incorporate what this website page is offering and use the phrases you
come up with to attract voice search to this page. These keywords represent the
authentic product of this one website page.

These Title Tags
match the breadcrumbs, title tags and descriptive used on this page of

Saltwater Fish

Saltwater Fish Angelfish

Saltwater Fish Angelfish Asfur Angelfish – RedSea

Multi Keyword Title

In order to lure the consumer via voice search into learning
more about your business and product, you will need to optimize titles. You can
and should fit your phrases in each title for each website page. Multi-keyword
targeting needs to be well intended in the title to keep the reader’s attention
long enough for them to interact with the other pages.

Think of your title as the hook for your website; if readers
are intrigued, they will click to read, and maybe even bookmark the page for
future use. Then, possibly purchase your advertised product as well. Your
website tags, Titles and breadcrumbs, should match multiple voice keywords.  Your title should sound intelligent, yet
informative in order to latch on to a user’s intent. It should be simple and
direct, yet interesting and persuasive.

Meaningful Content

Voice search engine optimization in today’s age relies heavy
on meaning, instead of crafty insertion of one or two words repetitively.
Google is so intelligent now that the intent of the searcher is much more
important. Your content must be well thought out, unique, and comprehensive. There
are 1,000’s of multiple keywords on Saltwater Fish.  By writing quality content, you will end up
ranking for multiple different keywords.

Optimize your entire website with multiple Voice SEO
keywords by utilizing the products content that answers the user’s questions or
curiosity. Supply intriguing content that is not filler or affiliate marketing
garbage. Relevancy is everything, and Google will put more weight on this
content over others.

Repetitive Keywords
in Title and Description

Although keyword repetition is useless
in content, it works when it comes to the title and description of the link.
The description only needs to be 1-2 sentences and should target the main
points of the web page, and should also overlap where possible.
searcher’s voice search will undoubtable overlap with the both the title and
description. The description of your web page is your second chance to hook the
reader’s click. A well-crafted title is essential to encourage people to visit
your website, but your website’s description might just be the cherry on top
that convinces readers you have what they need.


Once you have completed each step, try these SEO words for a
week to see if they are increasing your statistics. If not, simply change one
or add one to see if it makes a difference. Once you hit the sweet spot, you
will be proud of your profits and your business.

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