Ecommerce Shops Need Progressive Web Apps

Do You Need a PWA For Your Shop?

“Google reports that when an ecommerce store is switching to a Progressive Web App, they generally witness a 20% revenue boost overall, with conversion rates on mobile doubling in some cases.”

To be successful online you must move with the times and that is Progressive Web Apps for ecommerce stores.  Speed is the biggest issue on mobile sites.  The faster the site the fewer the bounces and more productive are the advertising dollars.

PWA’s can resolve speed problems.  By boosting user experience with fast page speeds which permit the customer to complete their review and checkout promptly and effectively.

  • How ? PWA’s deliver 3-4 times faster page speeds.
  • Possible doubling your conversion rate with the implementation of PWA.
  • Progressive Web Apps accurately improve ecommerce audience experience.
  • Native apps required a download. With a PWA ‘downloading’ is as effortless as going to a web link and accepting a prompt.
  • On your visit the PWA loads the pages to your browser cache automatically guaranteeing the user will always view the most up to date content.
  • Twitter, Trivago, Alibaba, Walmart, Tinder, Stables, Target and Kirkland reporting doubled conversion rates and growing revenues
  • load instantly, from your cache not network. Eliminate dependence on a network connection, guaranteeing an instant and reliable user experience, even with non internet connection.
  • Instant website performance from cache improves conversion, user experience, and retention.
  • Features option – Push Notifications and appear on the home screen of mobile. Push Notifications huge advantage they appear directly on a persons’ phone
  • Majority of ecommerce websites not adopting this new technology yet.
  • Businesses are reporting- users do install PWA’s, in the past rejected native app installs.
  • The threshold to allow a Push Notification when visiting a website is much lower than the threshold to sign up for a newsletter service. Google reports almost 60% of users are allowing their PWAs to send them notifications
  • PWA enable easier innovation on code changes
  • Businesses using omnichannel or multiplatform to reach 4 systems: website, Android app, iOS apps and windows 10 native apps. Developing, and maintaining an omnichannel system is resource intensive development of native apps. To build you invest 4 times the amount and they you must update them when changes are made to the Android, iOS or Windows platforms.
  • Progressive Web App removes the need for future development, maintenance and marketing of any platform except change to the web page.
  • With mobile Internet users speed, is paramount and PWA provide the best possible speed
  • Progressive Web Apps are by design built for extremely smooth and fast user experiences.
  • PWAs can load from cache within just 1 second, creating a true ‘instant’ speed experience
  • Progressive Web Apps will use significantly less disk space – on both the business’ server and the user’s device –
  • PWAs can improve your SEO since a PWA is web-based, everything is discoverable by search engines.
  • Super fast loading times, reduced bouncing rates, minimum data usage and highly engaging experiences are by default boosters for SEO rankings.
  • SEO is very important. It’s key to make sure the technology of Progressive Web Apps is served in the right way. PWA uses special JavaScript, which means Google sees the single published page as a JavaScript site. Google crawls PWA JavaScript site and accurately index content.
  • Removing friction and time from an ecommerce store, allows the visitor and the store to achieve their goals.
  • PWA will work for every user, regardless of browser choice because it’s built with progressive enhancement
  • PWA will work on any device, on any size: desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.
  • HTTPS PWA needs to be served over HTTPS to ensure a secure and safe environment and transmission of data.
  • PWA needs a Web App Manifest, a JSON file containing all metadata the device needs to know about the page to be able to install it on the homescreen. The file contains information such as icons, colors, fonts, landing page URL etc.
  • Service Worker. These are technically ‘javascript proxies’ unlocking capabilities such as offline mode, instant speed and the capability to send Push Notifications.
  • Doing things like Push Notifications and offline mode were previously impossible on the web due to the limitations of the browser – but with the use of Service Workers these capabilities have now been unlocked.
  • The Service Worker is a technology introduced by Google that allows you to control network requests programmatically, which in turn allows you to build offline experiences and deliver instant speed. Moreover, you can run tasks in the background, which allows you to send and display push notifications even when the browser is closed.



PWAs are faster, leaner, smoother and more efficient. Backgrounds are common loaded to lessen the subject to be changed when moving from one page to another which improves page speed and minimal usage of device space. Hence the user has a much better experience, easier to complete their tasks, and return again in the future.  Re-engageable — PWA gives marketeers the possibility to easily re-engage with visitors through features such as push notifications, which before were only available for native apps. A PWA URL structure, makes it easy to share the URL, producing pages available for marketing. Any company that sells online would benefit from a PWA.

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