Amature Versus Professional Web Developer

MVI Hires Professional Web Developers

True professional web developers have years of experience, many projects to display and large portfolio to demonstrate capabilities. A professional developer’s code is neat, well commented, very optimized and easy to understand. An amateur’s code usually looks like a big unoptimized mess. A web developer with many years of experience, can see the big picture and knows what’s needed to be done, whereas an amateur will get hung up on details and lose sight of his objective. A professional will provide you what you need, an amateur will give you what you requested. A professional developer knows how to balance his time between the tasks at hand, while an amateur will be distracted.

MVI require all developers to take a coding quiz and personal interview, to determine the credentials and capabilities of each employee. Web development has matured. Like any mature market, the phony developers have already been removed. To make it now you must be either highly skilled or start from nothing (work for peanuts). Maturity provides the resume necessary to be viewed as junior and then senior developer. Now the expectation is way higher and it’s harder to get to a place where you can rely just on your experience.

The business management are smart and technical. Many are former developers, and those that survived the culling of the dot-com bust and transitioned to the startup craze are survivors. They know how to tell what’s a good developer and what’s not. MVI has 20 years’ experience hiring and training developers, we understand what it takes to be program a project and succeed. MVI’s expectations have gone up.

Process-based development means the business no longer wants to wait 1 or 3 or 6 months for a new feature. They want it yesterday in less time. So, the idea of slowly working your way up has gone out the window. In today marketplace we seek the best and brightest who pick up new trends and languages easily.

Process based development or engineering requires “communication skills”. Hence why we require English speaking and writing programmers. Nobody wants to pay for someone who cannot communicate.

A senior engineer is a huge investment for a company. The best will build the products that make your company great. The worst can cost your company a lot of money. MVI wants to be sure they have the right person before taking the plunge.

Part of the problems is that it isn’t enough to simply hire smart people. A great engineer is usually great within a certain environment. This is a combination of technologies used, management, and the strengths of the team they are a part of. But they can fall flat if the environment is wrong. It makes sense to test them on the task that they will need to do, like a task which mirrors their first day of work using a platform. Not only will these speed up the process for candidates, they will be relevant to the skills needed for the job by testing candidates in the right environment, raising both candidate experience and quality of hire at the same time. We call it, “MVI way to hire!”

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