Newday Impact is the financial services company which provides authentic portfolios for socially responsible investors. Backed by insightful research and recognized community leaders, we offer portfolios addressing the world’s most pressing environmental and social issues, including climate action, ocean health, clean water, diversity equity and inclusion, wildlife conservation and animal welfare, and stakeholder capitalism.

Newday approached MVI Solutions to create a solution that would allow its customers to leverage its services anytime, on-the-go directly from their mobile devices.

Client Challenge:

  • Establish an easy-to-use secure mobile app presence for specific user demographic of unique initiative based portfolio investment
  • Create mobile experience that meets the portfolio management needs of users
  • Load money from other bank accounts
  • Remove friction points (calling in or faxing) in the investment process
  • Equip customers with a tool that allows them to be more mobile
  • Equip Newday with tools to manage the backend where they can manage funds, approve new accounts, liquidation, post new initiatives etc.

Our Solution:

MVI Solutions did the initial R&D and suggested Newday to partner with Apex Clearing and Plaid. After the partnership MVI started building a mobile portfolio investment and payments platform for iOS and Android. Rooted in user research to identify the needs and motivations of Newday customers, the app offers:

  • Streamlined UX allowing users to conduct quick portfolio investment process
  • Simple user onboarding process
  • Access to important features – View initiatives, current portfolio status, balance, liquidation request etc.
  • Secure in-app data access
  • Secure login information reset function
  • We integrated Credit Score API for KYC and bank account verifications using Apex Clearing
  • We created robust all in one Admin dashboard for Newday to process and Review everything

We chose to use Native app development approach instead of hybrid app because:

  • Native Apps have the best performance
  • Native Apps are more secure
  • Native Apps are more interactive and intuitive
  • Native Apps allow developers to access the full feature set of devices
  • Native App development tends to have fewer bugs during development

The technology stack that we have used for Newday application:

Android – Kotlin
iOS – Swift
Backend: NodeJS
Frontend: React

The Results:

The Newday Impact Mobile app introduced an intuitive platform that gave Newday customers the ability to seamless onboard process and invest in impact portflios. It  allowed Newday to outpace its competition in the portfolio investment mobile space and earned Newday industry recognition.

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