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Noah’s Ark Workshop ( is one of our oldest clients. We have been looking after their Internet-related business for past 10 years. From website building to hosting and Internet marketing, the website needed to be re-programed as it is a very old website. It does not support modern web technologies. Few reasons to upgrade the websites are:

  •  Update website content easily from CMS
  •  Linking the site content to social media websites
  •  Convert visitors to prospects
  •  Make the website mobile friendly i.e. responsive
  •  Make the website user-friendly
  •  Increase web page loading speed i.e. optimization
  •  To meet the new marking strategy

The previous website was a custom built PHP. Our client had a limited budget to re-build this website. So we advised him of the best bang for the buck. We have selected OpenCart as the shopping cart and WordPress for the front end of the new website. We have chosen OpenCart because OpenCart is user-friendlier, easy to manage and administer. This means that a business owner with little technical knowledge or skills can manage/administer their open cart store as the control panel is simple and convenient to use. OpenCart is lighter and takes slightly less time to set up and configure. This means that it would be cheaper to have it set up. There are so many feature extensions available to enhance OpenCart functionality. 

This means that it would be cheaper to have it set up. There are so many feature extensions available to enhance OpenCart functionality. This means, almost anything that Magento does can be done using OpenCart for e-commerce stores. We have used a number of extensions for this website; for instance, affiliate plugin, group discount plugin, custom shipping rule plugin etc. We found that OpenCart is the perfect solution for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. Last but not the least, OpenCart is one of the fastest growing open source e-commerce solutions. Without being backed by a very large organization (which is the case for Magento, i.e., eBay), it is now among the top few solutions that many startups and small to medium level businesses are opting for. To reduce the cost we have purchased the theme for the shopping cart. For the front-end, we have built a responsive website from PSDs that they have provided. We integrated it WordPress.

We migrated all data from the previous website to the new website. The new website is more clean and sharp looking. It is much more user-friendly. The site is also very secured compared to the previous one. We strictly followed standard web development guidelines during the coding phase.

The new site will help the site owner to control his affiliate scheme more robustly and will also allow the affiliates to bring in more clients. This will also increase the amount of traffic as well as improve Google’s site ranking.

Noahs Ark Workshop
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