Spam Filtering

Spam Annihilator 2.0 is MVI Hosting’s solution for preventing spam, phishing scams, viruses and other internet pollution from impacting our client’s operations. While Spam Annihilator 2.0 is best known for its accuracy and low maintenance, equally remarkable is its ease of implementation. The following six steps outline how the Spam Annihilator 2.0 solution acts on client email to determine whether hand-off to the client email system or the offsite quarantine is more suitable.

At the heart of service is a proprietary Spam detection system that utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques. In addition to sophisticated Spam identification analytics, Spam Annihilator 2.0 employs multiple anti-virus engines as well as proprietary detection systems that rid incoming email of worms, viruses, phishing attempts and other protocol-based vulnerabilities.

Step 1. Perimeter Protectionspam-filtering

Spam Annihilator 2.0 intercepts messages before they reach the client’s infrastructure to prevent high impact attacks such as Denial of Service (DOS) and Directory Harvesting programs from stealing email processing resources.

Step 2. Redundant Server Set

Spam Annihilator 2.0 uses an array of redundant servers to ensure that at least one server will always be available to deliver mail. Each server set is equipped with MVI Solutions’s proprietary Spam detection system that utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques. All servers also contain multiple anti-virus engines and proprietary detection systems that rid incoming email of worms, viruses, phishing attempts and other protocol-based vulnerabilities.

Step 3. Virus Scanning

In today’s world, viruses are the favorite tool used by spammers to enable the mass delivery of spam. MVI Solutions uses three anti-virus engines which are updated every 10 minutes to ensure the signature databases are current. MVI Solutions’s own wavefront detection system is used to identify and block Unkown viruses providing an extra layer of virus protection. Emails that fail any of the anti-virus tests are routed to the Virus Quarantine for review by the system administrators.

Step 4. SpamTrap

The MVI Solutions Spam Filtering system uses the results from a blend of leading spam identification techniques to determine whether a message is legit or belongs in the Spam Quarantine. Some of these tests include internal and external RBL checks, routing analysis, signature and heuristic content inspection and reputation review. Drawing on our worldwide spam traps the system is updated between 500 and 2500 times per day providing consistent spam capture rates of up to 99%.

User Quarantine

Messages that are identified as spam or containing a virus are parked in MVI Solutions’s offsite Spam or Virus Quarantine. The detained emails can be viewed and/or released by administrators or individual users depending on the configuration selected by the administrator. User-level logins as well as email reports eliminate anxiety over potential false positives and optionally allow tracked message releases.

Step 5. Delivery Manager/Store and Forward Service

Because uninterrupted email service is now a requirement for most businesses, MVI Solutions’s Delivery Manager protects your business from unexpected interruptions – natural, accidental, malicious or otherwise. Delivery Manager components include:

  • Store and Forward Buffering
  • Load Balancing
  • Email Delivery Fail-over Support
  • Emergency Mail Service

Each element increases the resiliency and control of email architecture – one of the most visible and sensitive enterprise applications.

Step 6. Delivery to Your Network

Our ultimate goal is to deliver spam-free, virus-free email messages to your network. Our six step process prevents spammers from capturing an innocent email server for their dirty work of relaying spam and viruses and enables clients to utilize email as the communication tool for which it was created.

30-Day Free Trial

We are so confident in Spam Annihilator 2.0’s abilities that we offer a 30-Day, free trial to any one of our existing customers who wishes to give it a try. We know that once you try our system, you’ll never want to go back to the days of spending hours going through tons of unwanted spam.

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