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Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of your website. You must properly construct your metadata to accurately describe the content of the page.

1. Meta Title Tag

This is the tag that displays in the upper left of your browser. The title tag is extremely important as it is the anchor text for your site displayed on the Google Search Results page. This must accurately describe what the page is about.

Also, take into consideration what people would be searching for through search engines. Notice the search engine takes the keywords in your search string and displays them in bold font. This means yours’ contain the keywords that were in the user’s search.


2.Meta Description

The meta description is seen by search engines only. This is a crucial tool for driving people to your site. This site contains an accurate description regarding the content of the page.

“A comprehensive list of golf courses in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, together with other nearby golf courses in Florida..”

The above statement tells the purpose of the page. This provides visitors an insight into what page they are about to view. This helps to ensure the right visitors are finding your site.

3.Meta Keywords

Search engines do not weight keywords as heavily as they used to but it is still necessary to have them in your metadata. The keywords should be a list of words, separated by commas, that you use in your content and anticipate visitors to use to find you on the web.

Ex: Fort Lauderdale Florida golf courses, Fort Lauderdale FL golf courses. Fort Lauderdale golfing


Link Popularity is necessary for any website to do well in the search engines. The best linking strategy you could possibly have for your website to obtain quality incoming traffic and a high search engine ranking is to seek out solid, permanent links on relevant pages. Never put your site on ‘Link Farms’. These are sites that have pages consisting of nothing but links and are not relevant to the page where you are directing the traffic

When it comes to links, you should keep in mind one important principle: It is not the quantity of links that is important, but the quality. One good link from an authority site such as CNN or Wikipedia is worth more than dozens of links from other sites. To get these quality links there is no short cut. You will have to earn it by having a site that provides a lot of useful information.

5.Do’s and Don’ts

Below is a list of basic guidelines when constructing or updating your website.


  • Use 301 redirects. If you have multiple domains but are not using 301 redirects, some search engines may consider this spamming.
  • Pages must have a call to action. i.e.( chat live, contact forms, phone numbers……..). You can quantify the results of your efforts.
  • Get a stats Package. You don’t know how your site works until you analyze the data and monitor and adjust accordingly. We recommend
  • Go for local results!!!!!!


  • Duplicate Title Tags. Each page on your site must contain unique meta title tags.
  • Duplicate Descriptive Tags. Each page on your site must contain unique meta description tags.
  • Duplicate Keyword Tags. Each page on your site must contain unique meta keyword tags.
  • DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO LINK FARMS!!!!!!!!  This will get you blacklisted and you will be virtually impossible to find via search engines.
  • Do not construct your entire site in flash.

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