MVI educare is a complete end to end solution for educational institutions of all shape and size. From enrollment to job placement MVI educare provides all round workflow support with customized modules.

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Student Module

Student module lets institutions manage their student affairs and all their details from one single location. This facilitates greater awareness and information sharing among different departments and provides single point of source for student information.

  1. Unique student ID generation
  2. Separate dashboard access to students
  3. Searching and sorting of students by year.
  4. Complete student information availability in a single place

Faculty Module

Faculties with wide range of tools at their disposal can now accomplish more in less time and concentrate more on their students. The integrated system not only gives them access to student performance information but also other qualitative data as well.

  • Unique faculty ID generation
  • Separate dashboard access to faculty
  • Complete faculty course and subject information in a single place

Courseware Module

Being able to create and manage courses and faculties from the system institutions can reduce paperwork and focus more of management

  • Ability to add, remove and manage courses.
  • Assign courses to faculties.
  • Add, remove and manage course subjects
  • Ability to assign payment terms to course

Enrollment Module

Complete enrollment process can be managed by the system. This cuts down paperwork and archiving and digitization requirements.

  • Multi-stage admission process
  • Conversion of applicant to student upon enrollment
  • Assignment of admission fees

Examination Module

Examinations can be created and results published by faculties all from within the system.

  • Configurable exam types
  • Faculty can create exams
  • Ability to create exam rooms
  • Students can be assigned to exam or exam rooms

Finance & Accounting Module

Institutions can create and manage their accounts and financing details and generate require reports quickly through the system.

  • Flexible accounts management
  • Simple Invoice generation process
  • Ability to set up recurring payments
  • Report generation