Website Audit Report

MVI will begin by pinpointing areas that need attention on your website. We’ll audit your existing web analytics and marketing systems and report specific, actionable recommendations:

  • Search engine rank of your site with optimization recommendations
  • PPC and paid advertising performance review
  • Web analytics implementation & interpretation
  • Email and customer communication audit
  • Website visitor conversion audit(how to sell more)

We will use the results to guide your marketing team, or as a starting point to define what MVI can do to increase your site traffic, engagement and conversion. This service will be obtained for a 1-time fee for a period of 1 month. The option to continue this service will be available at the same rate for future months upon request.

What to Expect

This is a work order for 1 month of services. Information gathering will be done for 3 weeks and a report provided the following week. Detailed below is a description of the services we will provide and what you can expect as the deliverable.

  1. Placement of Search engine scripts on your site.
    1. Review of results.
    2. Report of any errors or warning.
    3. Recommendations for site improvement on basic search engine necessities.
  2. Review of existing tracking scripts.
    1. Review of results.
    2. Report of valuable information from tracking scripts as it pertains to visitor data.
    3. Recommendations for site improvement based on results from tracking data.
  3. MVI will provide the cost for all recommendations. Clients may elect to proceed with recommended improvements by hiring MVI to perform the work or another company of their choosing.
  4. Access via phone or email to have any questions or concerns address by an MVI Consultant.
  5. Competitive Pricing.

Contact MVI using the form on this page for your Website Auditing needs.

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