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Brand Marketing types have no shortage of data available to them. In fact, there are millions of data points measured hourly. Technology improvements are assisting analysis of customers buying habits across the internet devices. The analysis tools are providing data manageable which permits the manager to make knowledgeable conclusions. These changes are fueling a renaissance in the structure of thoughts about the future direction of online marketing. In the next 5 years, online marketing types will be discussing how to measure the metrics of product sales over a broad spectrum of data never before available.

Over the last few years, MVI Live Stats have made great strides in the development of single channel measurement – identifying metrics to determine brand recall on websites. The time has come to interlace the metrics found in the brand recall of TV- Mobile- Websites and determine the metrics how each influence each other.

Brand measurement for many years has been a leap of faith. But the tools are available to allow the marketer to construct and tweak brand marketing while being presented. Real-time tracking and monitoring of data on websites were introduced by MVI in 2007; over the past years, the tools have been refined to measure results in hours versus days. There is the ability to optimize for the brand, like you do for performance today, in real time. These advancements will assist brand marketing while a campaign is still ongoing, rather than a static report after the fact. By testing brand metrics online in real time it allows us to translate the data knowledge into defining better audience targeting for both online and offline mediums.

The industry is not ready to accept the conclusions until we have proven it 100 times over. But the test metrics indicate that brand testing online could save time and money by utilizing the tools available to the advanced metrics research. Recently more industry professionals are beginning to understand the benefits and test the theories- If it works on the web will it work on TV? Tools are being built into the ad serving programs with the goal of making these metrics immediately actionable by Google and others. These tools are already available on smaller analytics systems like MVIlivestats to improve measurement of the brand.

Reports have stated that customers interact with a brand 4.3 times over a two day period before they finally make a purchase. These customers are using search engines, mobile devices, phones, TV and social media. You need to present your brand in a package of mediums to be successful. You can’t afford not to know what paths customers are taking before they ultimately buy from you. Most clients are not using the tools available and 40% claim the tools are not available. The tools, knowledge and experience are available to demonstrate how to grow your brand and market reach.

These are exciting times in metrics, where data and marketing are finally coming together to present the complete picture of the future!

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