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Acquire the Right Readers – With A Message They Find Motivating

The right message for the target prospect is the most important thing that any marketer could do. Web sites must carry the right message or the visitor leaves. The same goes for social media, if the message fits, the visitor will read. Your social media followers aren’t necessarily organized into nicely segmented lists. Google Plus tried to make it easier with “circles”, but will it work.

Instead of spraying your content across large numbers of generic followers in the hope of hitting the right target, you may find a ready-made community eagerly consuming the content you want to share. I’m talking about social media groups, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ each has different types of groups-, community- fan-page functionalities. These groups allow you to target some incredibly specific niches. Groups can allow you to get extremely granular with your content, developing a number of smaller, but more active and useful conversations. If there are one mortal sin content marketers commit, it’s obsessing over tools instead of customers. When we talk marketing, we love to jump right into a discussion about a given social network, a new tactic hitting the blogosphere, or some other content format. Instead of asking customers how we can help them, we ask other marketers how many words make up an ideal blog post or which marketing automation tool they use.

Great products solve problems and fulfill desires. Great content must do the same. Take a human desire, preferably one that has been around for a really long time- identify that desire- use digital technology to fulfill the prospect desires. That is called the Internet!
Content marketing is something you do to improve marketing of a product or service. Do not create content for content sake. Have a plan, direction, design and way to measure results. Select a target and create a plan how to improve the target and if the content is necessary to improve, design the content in a manner that will provide you the biggest bang for your time and money spent.

Website owners today must publish new, original content as an important part of your website marketing plan. The quantity is important but the quality of that content is more important. This article is to inform site owners what to publish and why they are producing content for the site.

To make a real difference in your ranking and grow your website traffic, you must produce quality content and post it consistently. The amount of the content is as important as the quality. Most small businesses do not have the time to produce and publish the content necessary. Larger sites have staff prepare and publish as much as 1,000 words per day. The reason: Google has made quality content so important. The larger websites are winning the battle of ranking because they have the resources.

However, it’s entirely possible that a small to medium size business with nonprofessional writers can produce excellent marketing results. The secret is in knowing your business, industry and how your prospects seek your services. That knowledge provides you the clues as to what to write and how to fashion the article. Some suggestions are:

Understand where you acquire your best prospects – What types of prospects earn you the bulk of your revenue. Your analytics tables will help you understand your target audience. Additionally, ask every single customer how they found you. You must understand where your customers come from and how much they spend. Armed with that knowledge you can determine where your best prospects come from, how they found you and/or what mechanism they used to find you.

Where should you spend your marketing dollars – know what one prospect costs from every source studied is an important step, by totaling up what you spent on marketing and dividing it into the revenue you earned from each source of traffic details return. Blogging all day for SEO purposes might preserve cash compared to paid ads, but anything that takes up your time isn’t really free. Your most efficient source of leads may not be the ones that lead to most of your revenue. It’s possible that a pay per click campaign brought in the most business, but it might not have been as cost-effective as a display ad campaign on a few targeted sites that your prospects tend to frequent. And that ad buy might not have been as cost-effective as the guest post you published on one of those sites. But your affiliate program might beat them all in terms of cost-efficiency. The lesson here is that there are things that make you money, and there are things that make you money efficiently. Don’t assume that content marketing could or should be your best source of business. Content helps to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your marketing channels, “content” isn’t exactly a channel.

If you want to rank better for a specific keyword phrase, then plan what topics to write about. Use static pages, blogs, guest blog posts and other blocks of content that would help that section of your site move up on Google. More effective SEO work on topics of importance to your business is the goal. You have to decide what your business keywords should rank higher and you need to know that will improve your sales if your plan is effective. You must also be sure that you can be successful before you begin. You determine this by researching the types of content, media and topics that are receiving more traffic in your industry. Then you determine how to emulate and expand upon those. Create content with a purpose and make sure that the results are measurable.

If you want to improve your quality score for your Google Adwords campaign to improve the cost effectiveness of your ad spend, improve your depth-of-content on sub-pages, and build links to the sale page with internal links from other relevant pages on your site, and external links from posts on other sites. Content is the key element to improving ad performance, but you must understand what and why you are adding content. Remain attentive to your most effective marketing method.

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