Saltwater Fish

Overview was designed and developed by MVI Solutions Inc. is a complete source for saltwater aquarium supplies and live fish. With an incredible selection of Marine life, from live fish to Inverts to Live Rock and Sand and 4,000 aquarium supplies. delivers live marine life by overnight delivery with FedEx.

The client needed a superior platform from which to sell, market and display his inventory. MVI offered him a Mobile responsive enterprise level shopping cart that removed all prior limitations. We enabled advanced features when building the new site on the approved programming language of Google and hosting the site on Google Cloud.  The intent was to get as close to Google as possible to make marketing easier.  The state of the art checkout system promotes easy checkout with advanced features of shipping, multiple coupons, automated return authorization, instant weather analysis, real time shipping calculations, complete shipping calendar, tools to retain clients, flexibility to meet unique situations, support for clients, features to enable SEO, target promotions and created custom coupons and hundreds of other advanced features.

SaltWaterFish came to us to re-build their whole website with all existing functionalities and adding advanced features with a vision towards the future. They needed a partner that could provide them advice, experience and direction.

MVI chose to utilize Python as the programming language and build the site on Google App Engine. Why choose Python? There is a good reason why Bank of America has chosen Python to power many of their critical systems. It’s solid and powerful. Python has a relatively small quantity of lines of code, which makes it less prone to issues, easier to debug, and more maintainable. The Securities and Exchange Commission has sought to mandate Python as the language for a new “waterfall” program that would make Wall Street more transparent. Python can scale to solve complex problems, as illustrated by the fact that it powers most of YouTube and DropBox, not to mention Reddit, Quora, Disqus and FriendFeed. Even the mighty Google has made Python one of its official programming languages because it is very fast and flexible, not to mention that it’s a free and open source language.

As a framework for Python, we selected Django. Why Django?  Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Developed four years ago by a fast-moving online news operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Django focuses on automating as much as possible and adhering to the DRY principle. Because Django was developed in a fast-paced newsroom environment, it was designed to make common Web-development tasks fast and easy.

After selecting the programming language and framework, we build the application architecture carefully keeping all aspects in mind. We started programming after that and successfully built the new system. After that, we migrated all data from the previous system. The migration processes were transparent to the end users. All their previous data including username/password was retained. The new admin panel is very powerful and we added 250 new points of data and charts.  The new RMA system is way more efficient as well as the coupon management system. Besides giving the admin more control over all the site contents it also provides the sales projection.

Additionally, we have integrated an automated system to post new products on all social media website of SaltWaterFish. Whenever there are new products added to the website, those will be automatically be posted to respective Facebook, Google+, Twitter pages with a detailed description of the product. This is a huge step for SWF’s internet marketing. Besides the website, we have also successfully migrated their Forum, from Huddler to Xenforo platform.

Saltwater Fish needed an agency that could build a winner, provide support, host administration, 24/7 staff to advise and provide guidance and they needed SEO and marketing to make it all successful.

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