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Real Time Enterprise Level – Individual Visitor Detailed Tracking

MVI Live Stats, MVI signature software product, is a first-class- instant website analytics software package. With the launch of, we reached a stature within the industry few have attained; our real-time web analytics systems are state of art with capabilities matched by very few.

Do not confuse MVI Live Stats with anonymous tracking as done by Google Analytics and others. We offer “Real Time Enterprise Level- Individual Visitor Detailed Tracking”.

We display tracking data about each individual visitor within 60 seconds, identifying the IP, the IP ownership, the company name is provided, the location down to the zip code the visitor entered the internet along with 60 other metrics of data.

We match the visitors IP with public records and display the visitor IP Name, Address (within 60 seconds) and we provide Jig Saw corporate lookup that allows you to research the visitor company further acquiring telephone numbers, company sales, emails address, product information, and website.

We offer enterprise level detailed tracking of each visitor actions. By using the visitors IP we locate and display the name and address in real time (Less than 60 seconds) plus all actions that visitors take while on your site plus referring site and search terms. Do not confuse MVI Live Stats with anonymous tracking as done by Google Analytics. Our Free Trial is available to demonstrate how our software will improve your ability to track and understand your web visitor’s actions. The software is a steal at $14 per month for 100,000 page views. The only additional fees are the communication tools, chat and sales lead software.

Web Analytics Features Include:

  • 87 Analytics Reports
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Page Views
  • Country of Origin
  • Bounced Pages
  • Search Engines
  • Entry & Exit pages
  • Time on each page
  • Visitor Name Address
  • Pay Per Click Traffic
  • Custom Reports
  • PPC Fraud Detection
  • Developers API
  • Buyers Conversions
  • Jigsaw CorporateReal Time Tracking
  • Unique Visitors Browsers
  • Used Custom Filters Keywords
  • Used Search Engines Trails Followed
  • Who’s On Site Now Visit
  • Email Alerts
  • Drill Down Results
  • Visitor Alerts
  • Widget Tracking
  • Event Triggers
  • Details Of All Visits
  • Flash Tracking

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