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We provide thru a distinctive array of analytics features using both Google Analytics and MVI own analytics system called MVI SPY. Google Analytics is superior system that provides large amount of anonymous data about trends, ecommerce and competitive analytics. MVI SPY provides specific data about individual actives on your websites in real-time, displaying IP name and address, event triggers, email alerts, live or proactive chat, displaying ever individual actions from referring site until departure from your website, determine what pages don’t work – all while determining what visitors are seeking, what keywords drive best traffic and analyzing your most effective products and pages.

MVI SEO consultants will set up web analytics tools that divulge customer motives, business opportunities, competitive disadvantages and site improvement necessary. We demonstrate thru web analytics the answers to business questions related to online marketing, page influence, visitor activities, goal dimension, keyword selection and much more.

Using analytics data gathered from your site visitors, we provide knowledgeable recommendations where your marketing dollars are best invested. We monitor analytics to provide alerts, evaluate event-driven actions and provide reports to your management team. mviSEO’s staff are Google Analytics experts, mviSPY certified, and seasoned users of other analytics tools.

mviSEO will begin by pinpointing areas that need attention on your website. We’ll audit your existing web analytics and marketing systems and report on specific, actionable recommendations.

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