Reseller of MVI Live Stats

One Master Account Controls Many Sites Accounts

There are a number of reasons to become a reseller. The best reason is to allow multiple websites MVI Live Stats data to be viewed with only one login. One account can control accounts for – clients, colleagues or multiple company sites and receive a discount off list price. A reseller utilizes one login to view all site data. A reseller allows others to view just one site from there login without having to share login, password and permissions. With a reseller account, you can sell MVI Live Stats to third parties and profit from the bulk discounts. Please contact us for further details concerning reseller options.

Steps To Become a Reseller

You must have a current MVI Live Stats account and you have to be logged in to add new sites. You will receive multiple site discounts and full control over all sites from your admin controls. The reseller login will allow you to add users for sub sites from your administrator account. The subsite login users are only able to see the statistical portion of the site logs and not the administrator account page. The primary owner accounts are only seen by the reseller through the master reseller login.

Call 877-633-9536 to talk with our Institutional Desk.

Reseller Terms

All discounts are shown in the master reseller account and all payments are made through the reseller account page. All payment records are available in the reseller admin account page. MVI Live Stats only accepts payment through the reseller account page. The reseller must collect his payments from the site owners. MVI Live Stats is not responsible for any transaction between the reseller and his subsites. All accounts will be due on the monthly anniversary date of the site becoming a “paid” site. All notices for payment are sent to the Reseller and all payments are reflected in the reseller admin account page “only.” The reseller can show the subsite the account page only by giving that subsite the reseller master login.

If site payments are not made timely the site will go ‘gray’ and the details and links will not show. The front page of all site will display the notice that “This site has been turned off for non-payment” Since the sub site has no payment page the subsite must make payment directly to his reseller and the reseller must make payment for the subsite. All sites that have been turned off will become available as soon as the credit card payment is approved by the merchant account bank for MVI Live Stats.

Multiple Site Pricing Discount

Please refer to the table below for multiple site discounts or reseller discounts.

Page Views

1 Site




Over 100






1,200,000 Yearly






100,000 Month






All discounts are computed for each page view level and the discount percentage for the number of sites is used on all levels of pages views.
* These discounts may not apply to Sales Lead Management & Pro-Active Chat Software.
** When a reseller attains a discount it is determined by the number of paying sites. All delinquent accounts are not used to compute the discount.
*** Credit cards are the only means of paying monthly fees. Checks can be used for 6 month and yearly payments only.
**** All questions concerning payments should be sent to