Multiple Site Pricing Discounts

Manage Multiple Accounts and Save Money
MVI Live Stats software provides scalability utilizing management tools that make it easy to manage multiple sites and users, providing multiple site discounts to make our stats even more attractive to the professional SEO or webmaster.

The MVI Live Stats hosting operation is second to none. Directly located on the backbone of the Internet at the Network Access Point, MVI offers you superior uptime with full redundancy which ensures you will never lose your data.

MVI Live Stats software provides maximum flexibility while providing a large feature set. Our ability to easily track multiple sites makes this system perfect for professional SEO, Webmasters or multiple site owners. Many web design and small hosting companies utilize mviSPY to manage multiple sites with one login.

Multiple Site Pricing Discount

Please refer to the table below for multiple sites or reseller discounts:

Page Views

1 Site




Over 100






1,200,000 Yearly






100,000 Month






All discounts are computed for each page view level and the discount percentage for the number of sites is used on all levels of pages views.

* These discounts may not apply for Sales Lead Management & Live Chat Software.
** When a reseller attains a discount it is determined by the number of paying sites. All delinquent accounts are not used to compute the discount.
*** Credit cards are the only means of paying monthly fees. Checks can be used for 6 month and yearly payments only.
**** All questions concerning payments should be sent to

Reseller information

The fine line distinguishing between the reseller and multiple site users allows you to chose what suits you best. A reseller’s major distinction is that the customer pays the reseller and the reseller, in turn, pays MVI Live Stats directly. We encourage you to inquire if you have an interest by clicking here.
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