Pay Per Click Tracking

Individual Visitor Detailed Tracking Of PPC Visitors

Buying Traffic from Google and others can be costly. It can also be a very effective means of getting visitors to your homepage, or specific places on your website that you value. Never before has the means to drive visitors been as easy and as competitive as it is today. PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising allows business to compete on the same playing field, to gain the advantage you must use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

MVI Live Stats PPC tracking capabilities allow site owners to get insight into visitor’s actions. This knowledge allows site owners to improve their ads, web pages and keywords purchased. MVI Live Stats unique tagging of traffic allows you to distinguish Pay-Per-Click traffic from traffic that came through other sources. Armed with this information, you can zero in on the visitor’s behaviors and actions to help better refine your campaigns. With an effective Pay-Per- Click campaign and MVI Live Stats to analyze those campaigns, the playing field can shift to your favor.


  • Instant Sign Up Takes Minutes
  • Easy Code Implementation
  • Immediate Real Time Results
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Tracks Everything All Visitors
  • Simple Easy to Operate
  • Determine What Keywords Work
  • Quickly Eliminate Bad Keywords
  • All For $14 Per Month


PPC Traffic Displayed On One Page


Drill Down Details of One PPC Visitor