Google AdWord Analytics

We are a full-service AdWords Analytics Agency providing our clients with a complete solution to their pay per click service requirements. We manage Adwords accounts from impression to conversion and everything in-between. Our first clients were signed in 1999 before google became a reality. Our business is a Google Partner, the highest level of certification in the Adwords Profession. Our team has been active in beta testing of new AdWords features and we expect that to continue in the future.

AdWords is self-service advertising. one size does not fit all customers. Your budget, industry and needs require a crafted marketing plan. All customers need a process to control the direction of their business leads without having to learn this complex auction system. We facilitate our clients setting the correct strategy and then we implement the fine points and track the goals.

Everyone in the MVI marketing staff is an Adwords expert because we eat, live, and breathe Adwords. Our investments in technology, statistics, research, and publication are all centered on developing cutting edge results. We don’t publish Adwords articles, we act in the real world providing results to clients.

Accomplishing your goals often comes down to hiring the right expert. MVI has been doing internet marketing before Adwords was live. We actively pursued growing our knowledge by improved comprehension. While the typical advertiser has to wait in line to get an email response from someone, MVI can provide you the answers quickly and accurately.

MVI can provide answers about which advertisements, PPC campaigns, landing pages, referring websites, searched keywords work the best and why. This is the cornerstone of any Internet marketing campaign. We have spent over 10 years developing web analytics tools and the experience of how to improve your Internet marketing.

MVI staff will leverage the data collected by our web analytics system to understand what is working and what must be improved. MVI will provide answers to what keywords provide the best prospects, which web pages must be improved, where you are losing good prospects, technical problems with web pages, poorly defined Meta Tags, duplicate tags, broken links, what keywords work the best, the list goes on and on.

Don’t guess what works. Let MVI show you with data what works and what does not. Just complete the form to the right and our consultants will contact you via telephone and begin an analysis of your needs.