Enhance Marketing

Building a successful internet site does not only depend on its design/programming but also on its usability and presence on the internet. Once you start driving traffic to your site (either via organic/paid search results or other advertising methods) you need to know what your users are doing once they get to your site. You need to understand how they’re using your site and be able to know what people like about your site and what people don’t like about your site.

The best way to accomplish this is through the use of a website analytics package. An analytics package allows you to see who your website visitors are (via WHOIS lookups), and see what your visitors are doing (or not doing). Different analytics packages present their data in different ways. MVI has used a variety of different analytics packages over the years to help steer their customer’s marketing efforts.

MVI always seemed to find themselves wishing that the analytics software they were using had more information than what was available. With a lot of experience in the internet marketing realm and having seen and used most available website analytics packages, MVI decided to create their own system which they could use to help their own customers as well as offering it as a service to others. The software is named mviSPY and has been developed by combining MVI’s experience in design/programming and knowing what information is relevant when it comes to internet marketing.


Our initial marketing package covers the basics of search engine promotion. Essentially we examine your site and then announce to the 18 major search engines that your site is there. Before that happens, though, there are specific things that have to be done to your web pages in order for the search engines to properly catalog your site.

Meta Tags – Meta tags are hidden tags within your pages that the search engines use to get a basic idea of the content of your site. If your site was developed by MVI’s development team, then it is likely that those tags are already in place. We will send you a list of the keywords we believe define your site’s content before submitting to the engines. Even at this very basic submission level, there are idiosyncrasies of each search engine that very few companies in the world know. Our site promotion team understands and tracks the way the different search engines work and optimizes all of the meta tags to your content and the each engine’s criteria.

At the very least the initial site promotion package is important to just get your site seen by the search engines. To learn more about the other promotion options we offer, please feel free to contact us.

The initial posting to the search engines and directories is critical because it is your grand opening announcement on the web. Meta Tags of your site and company are written to match directory formats. This is critical because different types of directories and search engines require varying lengths and types of descriptions to be listed. Meta Tags are sent to the client for approval before they are submitted.

Your Website Marketing Specialist will manually submit your site to 18 major search engines and directories. Submission by hand is critical because it affords your Website Marketing Specialist the opportunity to use the specific keywords and descriptions that have been written. Your site will also be submitted to more then 3,500 promotional targets including, directories and classified advertising sites. Directories targeted toward the industry focus and or subject area of your site will be researched and posted to as well.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal linking is catching on in popularity. It’s a way for website owners to share each other’s traffic, a simple “let’s trade links” deal that can help to widen your web audience.

Swapping links can also help you with your search engine traffic optimization. Some search engines calculate the number of links to your site from other sites and use it to determine your ranking. A better position equals more targeted traffic!

Another way reciprocal links can benefit you is by drawing repeat traffic back to your website. If you offer a high-quality list of relevant links, visitors will return often because they know that they can quickly find what they’re looking for.

One way to approach reciprocal linking is to be proactive. You actively search out websites that would complement your own and send a note to the owner asking to swap links.

This is actually a very time-consuming task. It isn’t as easy as purchasing a list of “targeted” and “willing” email recipients (also known as SPAM!) and then blasting out a link swap request.

It requires research, pure and simple. To find possible link partners, visit any of the major search engines such as Google to find websites that can offer valuable content to your visitors.

Then visit each website individually. Take a few minutes to look around and see what type of information it offers, and whether or not it can add value to your own site.

Don’t worry that linking to other sites may make your own seem “incomplete” – it doesn’t. No one website can cover everything, and a high-quality links directory benefits your visitors by saving them from searching the web.

Keep in mind that website owners may get several link requests every day. To make yours stand out – and to convince him that you’re not spamming – be sure to personalize your link request.

Include the site owner’s name. Comment on something you’ve seen on their website. This shows that you have actually visited the site and taken the time and effort to look around. Personalized requests are far more likely to get a positive response.

You can also take a passive approach to reciprocal linking. That is, you basically sit back and wait for others to approach or link to you. This passive approach gives you an obvious time advantage. Some ways to encourage passive links include:

Put a link on your site that says, “How to Link to Us”. Provide the text, banners, buttons, and HTML to make it as easy as possible for someone to link to you. Offer a content-rich site. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many websites link to you just because they like what you have to offer. We only actively request links when we happen across an excellent site that we know our audience would appreciate.

Remember, like with all things online, there isn’t one “right” way to do things. Success depends on doing a combination of things well. Reciprocal links are one way to steadily build targeted traffic and add value to your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Your website is up and running… now what? Studies show that no or poor search engine marketing by a large number of new Web site owners will ensure their failure. Without website marketing and search engine promotion, no site will ever become a winner. No matter how well designed or developed your site is, it is all irrelevant if no one is able to find you!

Web Site Marketing Via Search Engine Promotion

Search engine rankings are based on complicated mathematical formulas. All search engine work differently it would take you time to educate yourself on all the algorithms used. That is why it makes sense to use our search engine marketing services. Let our expert marketing pro get you the results that you need so you can run your business. If we do our job correctly you will never fire us.
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MVI web marketing team alleviates the headaches of optimizing your content, links, search terms, HTML tags and more. We are an experienced search engine marketing company that you need to make sure that when someone logs onto the Internet to find a product or service you offer they will find you highly listed on Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, AOL or other search engines, your site too succeed must be optimized search engine marketing expert.

Marketing By Pay-Per-View Placement

Go to a search engine such as Google and type “website marketing” into the search box. It will list over 2.5 million entries. Pay per view placement would allow a company to be at the top of the list, to buy the first listing. The reason they sell this placement is simple; it makes them money. It will cost a lot of money to keep your site at the top of this placement page; it costs x number of cents every time the ad is displayed. The cost of the ad placement needs to be offset by the number of click-throughs resulting from it. Each click through is a potential customer.

Expert Web Site Paid Placement Services

Now notice on the right side of the page there are a series of sponsored placement links. These positions are also for sale. There is a lot of competition all for the search engine visitor. They are buying paid placement services because it is targeting a specific group who use a search engine to find company or firm in particular industries, so these ads may prove more professional. These website placement ads entice consumers to visit the advertiser’s website, but because this is still a relatively common search engine marketing phrase for this target market, the ads will be expensive when taking into account the display/click through conversion percentages.

Professional Search Engine Website Marketing Via Paid Placement

When using pay per view (ad impressions/displays) search engine website marketing placement campaigns, it is important to “buy” very well defined keywords or phrases. The term “buying” actually means renting placement space. For the period of your campaign, any time a customer types in that particular word or phrase exactly, your advertisement will show up in the results. You can also narrow your target market by specifying the language and countries of your focus, the many tricks used by professional or expert search engine marketing company makes it worth your while to learn before attempting to compete

Web Site Search Engine Marketing

MVI “Website marketing” example- there is competition between the paying placement sponsors. Try to think of a term that people may use in conjunction with your product. Then type that into the search engine and see what comes back. If there are no other sponsors for that term, you have virgin placement territory! Even if the use of that keyword or phrase is lower than a more generic one, the click-through rate will probably be higher. Most of the major search engines can give you statistics on particular keyword searches as you are running through the “buying” process. The professional approach is to study those figures carefully and experiment with different keywords and phrases.