Social Media Has Impacted Consumers

The consumer game has changed. Over the past decade or so, we’ve been watching a slow revolution in consumerism not seen since credit and debit cards hit the market. Social media hasn’t just changed the way we purchase; it is changed something integral about the way we communicate.

The amount of power social media places into the hands of the consumer should not be underestimated: users now have the ability to instantly connect and voice an opinion about any product or brand. It is not social media that actually influences the purchasing decisions and habits of the users: rather, it is the thoughts and opinions. It is a matter of empowerment. Now business must listen and engage. Those businesses who’ve managed to personalize themselves and connect with consumers like they’d connect with their friends are the most successful.

  • The free exchange of information through both the Internet and social media means that every consumer is equipped with the tools for in-depth research about a brand or product. Rather than having to rely on the testimony of a sales associate, or advertising, or a magazine review, a consumer can simply look to their social networks to see what people think.
  • Offer users an incentive to visit your brand’s online store, or share information about your products and services. You’re very likely to notice a spike in traffic if what you offer is worth the effort.
  • Before social media, a person might share their love of a particular brand with a few associates at work, a few family members at home, and a few close friends out in public; they’ll now endorse your product to friends on their social networks.
  • A decent online storefront which is optimized for mobile devices is essential
  • All e-commerce outlets need to embrace the new technologies which are empowering your customers.
  • Social media has changed the way we communicate. You’ve got the bustling social hub of Facebook and the massive information network of Twitter. You have the staggering collection of videos available on YouTube, and the colossal index of content on Reddit.
  • An online store linking to multiple social networks is required to be competitive.
  • A picture is a worth a thousand words and it’s usually far easier to share, too. People like visual stimulation- hence social media is perfect media to pass the word.


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